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Saints Believe Again Bash Pep Rally in Pictures

Last night the Saints held the Believe Again Bash pep rally in the brand new Champions Square to give fans a chance to listen to music, meet players, see the Lombardi Trophy and just have some good old fashioned fun before the team officially kicks off the 2010 NFL season this Thursday.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. But whoever is in charge of the Saints official Twitter page was there and did a great job of taking pictures and keeping fans updated during the event. To give you guys a feel for yesterday's action, I have compiled all of the pictures taken and tweeted throughout the day and put them all right after the jump in order.

Scroll over each picture to read the caption given. Click the picture for a larger version.

#Saints-Vikings isn't till Thursday but the @NBC_Sports ... on Twitpic Check out the free poster fans will get at "Believe Agai... on Twitpic 15 minutes away from "Believe Again Bash" & the... on Twitpic "Believe Again Bash" Stage background #Payton  on Twitpic Fans are able to take a photo with the Vince Lombardi Trophy!... on Twitpic @T_Porter22 is signing photos of his SB Pick-6 for #Saints fa... on Twitpic Here is the #Saints Players Autograph Schedule at "Belie... on Twitpic Check out what #Saints players will be judging fans TD Celebr... on Twitpic @ltorrence24, @ZachStrief & Robert Meachem are the first ... on Twitpic @Verizon is providing fans photos with players, Saintsations ... on Twitpic #Saints fans of all ages got involved in @Verizon TD dance co... on Twitpic @T_Porter22 takes photos with VINCE and fans!  on Twitpic The @Verizon Training Ground is the most popular spot at the ... on Twitpic Fans get their fans painted when they first arrive at the Bash on Twitpic The foot that sent the #Saints to the Super Bowl has arrived ... on Twitpic Meachem & @robyslyfe sign autographs for fans at the @Ver... on Twitpic @jgoody76, who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated th... on Twitpic "Get Crunk" Contest for free tickets to @NFL Kickof... on Twitpic How convenient is this? @Verizon provided chargers for fans t... on Twitpic WR Adrian Arrington greets the fans  on Twitpic Sir Saint is here! Even he got a Super Bowl Ring! on Twitpic They couldn't have picked a better photo for @LanceMoore... on Twitpic OT Jon Stinchcomb made an appearance on the TD dance floor on Twitpic Kid wore a @Pierre_Thomas jersey in TD dance contest, so natu... on Twitpic On stage with Rockin' Dopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters! on Twitpic The line to see VINCE is the longest line - Everybody wants a... on Twitpic Fans in the Lombardi line erupted when they saw their latest ... on Twitpic FAN PHOTO OF THE DAY: You won't see a cooler hat all year! on Twitpic More fan creativity - a true @T_Porter22 fan!  on Twitpic @Pierre_Thomas signs photos for a group of kids on Twitpic @LanceMoore16 takes the stage on Twitpic Saints fans have a fever, & the only prescription is more... on Twitpic On stage with the Bucktown All-Stars less than hour & hal... on Twitpic @Verizon's "Believe Again Bash" Crowd is jam p... on Twitpic Coach Payton on the new @Verizon #Saints poster "How coo... on Twitpic @drewbrees has arrived at the @Verizon "Believe Again Ba... on Twitpic The "#Saints Pope" says a prayer to start the bash! on Twitpic #Saints Elvis tosses to the fans! on Twitpic #Saints Whistle Monster leads a "Who Dat" Chant! on Twitpic Bobby Hebert leads the crowd to "When The Saints Go Marc... on Twitpic