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NFL Wild Card Weekend: The Day After Wrap-Up

So the first weekend of the NFL playoffs is over. We had some very good games with some very surprising defeats this past weekend. But now, we look forward to the draft the next weekend where more football games will be played for our amusement.

Obviously, we know who had the biggest upset of the weekend and the loss still hurts. But, to be honest, did we not at least have an inkling that this was gonna happen? The Saints had no running backs. Malcolm Jenkins, who has single-handledly saved the Saints from losses before, was out. The Saints, the defending Super Bowl champs, had all the pressure. Meanwhile, the Seahawks were just happy to be there. Anyway, the season is over. So now we get to watch other teams and have some mild enjoyment as their fans stress out instead of us.

So make the jump to find out how the other playoff games went this past weekend.

Saints 36 @ Seahawks 41

Quick Summary: This game started off as everyone expected when the Saints jumped out to an early lead. Then, what scientists are now dubbing as "an act of God," the Seahawks went on a march. The score would then be dominated by the Seahawks as they jumped out to a 24-17 lead after being down 17-7.

The Seahawks would then take advantage of great field position to start the second half and march into the end zone, making the score 31-20. The Saints and Seahawks began to see-saw through the third quarter, but then the Saints found their mojo and started to work. They would get a touchdown, but could only get a field goal later to make the score 31-30 with about ten minutes remaining. The Seahawks converted some key third downs, then (with the help of eight missed tackles and poor technique) came a 67-yard touchdown run by Marshawn Lynch that sealed the game for the Hawks. The Saints would come back and score, but were unable to recover the onside kick. Only eight months till September. Sigh.

Saints Analysis

Seahawks Analysis

Playoff Impact: Seahawks advance to play the Bears in Chicago next week on Sunday.

Jets 17 @ Colts 16

Quick Summary: Another game, another upset. The only touchdown of the first half was also the first and last by the Colts. Then in the second half, the Jets started running and the receivers made some incredibly catches to lead the team to a 14-10 lead in the fourth quarter.

The Colts began another drive to help reduce the lead to 14-13 with a little more than four minutes left. The Colts were then able to get the ball back and drive down the field yet one more time to take the lead with a field goal to make the score 16-14 with 53 seconds left. But the Jets got the ball back, ran a nice 47-yard kickoff return and then a 18 yard strike from Sanchez to help run out the clock and allow the Jets to kick the winning 32 yard field goal to win.

Jets Analysis

Colts Analysis

Playoff Impact: The Jets will move on to face the Patriots next Sunday.

Ravens 30 @ Chiefs 7

Quick Summary: One question: what happened? You can't tell from the score, but the Chiefs actually started decent and the first half was a good football. Then, in the final 30 minutes, the Ravens couldn't stop scoring and the Chiefs couldn't stop giving the ball away. While the Chiefs were underdogs, this had to be another surprising end as well. Flacco's line: 25/34, 265 yards, 2 TDs. Cassel had 3 INT.

Ravens Analysis

Chiefs Analysis

Playoff Impact: The Ravens will face their third divisional match up with the Steelers next Saturday.

Packers 21 @ Eagles 16

Quick Summary: The score at halftime was 14-3. The first half was all Rodgers, all the time. He had pinpoint accuracy, was able to throw it deep, avoid the pressure, and run for yardage when needed. The Packers, as you remember, have had so many injuries this year and have been lucky to get by on what they have. Sound familiar? The main difference is that the Packers have a top five defense, the Saints had...those eleven guys who dressed up in black pajamas and couldn't tackle.

The second half started off much like the first. Then came a Rodgers fumble on the 25-yard line. The Eagles capitalized with an immediate score making it 14-10. Rodgers then led his team down field for yet another score. Then in the fourth quarter, Vick got the ball. He went into 'Giants' mode and executed a quick drive with pretty good accuracy and ended with him in the end zone. But they failed a two-point conversion to make the score 21-16 with just four minutes to go. Vick would get the ball back with just under two minutes to go and drive down the field, only to be intercepted in the end zone by Tramon Williams. Rodgers kneeled to finish the game.

Packers Analysis

Eagles Analysis

Playoff Impact: Packers move on to play the Falcons next Saturday.

So CSC, which team will you be rooting for to win it all, now that a certain team of ours has been eliminated?