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Gregg Williams Cancels Head Coaching Interview with the Denver Broncos

It's official, Gregg Williams will remain with the Saints as a defensive coordinator next season. The news is out that he's canceled his interview with the Denver Broncos and withdrawn his name from consideration for their head coaching vacancy. This is huge news for the Saints in my opinion. I know some of you are sour on him after the Seattle game, but no one can argue that he is one of the premiere defensive minds in the NFL. Of the 5 team defenses he's had control of in his NFL career, he's turned 4 of them into top 5 defenses. How many guys have that kind of track record? It speaks for itself. I believe retaining Williams is as big as any other pickup the Saints could possibly make in the offseason.

How do you feel about the news? Psyched he's coming back or still pissed at him about the playoff performance?

**Shout out to bondcrash for getting this news up as a FanShot first.**