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Fleur-de-Links - Jan. 12th: Pierre Thomas Regrets Not Resting Injured Ankle Earlier

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Not much happening today, but I did find this little quote from Pierre Thomas on his injured ankle and how he seems to regret not resting it after it was first injured:

"In the beginning, if I would've stayed off my feet right after the injury, earlier in the season, I think I would've been back" to full strength, Thomas said. "I would've played in the playoffs."

I can't fault Thomas for having the heart to want to get back on the field and play. Ever since he injured this infamous ankle in our first matchup against Atlanta, one could probably assume he worsened the injury when he went back in during OT and continued to play. It looked pretty serious when he was down on the turf just before regulation ended. I was shocked to see him back on the field shortly thereafter. Not sure what happened, but it seems the majority of fault should rest with the training crew for allowing him to go back into that game. In hindsight (always 20/20), they should have hid his helmet and told him his day was done. It still isn't clear what went down and why he wasn't forced to "stay off his feet" in the beginning. Was an initial misdiagnosis to blame? I guess we'll never know. We sure could have used him in Seattle.


Jonathan Vilma
BIG sigh of relief...gregg williams is coming back
Tracy Porter
today is my angel's bday and she has turned 2!! (she thinks she's 21 lol) but thx for the bday wishes for her...
This call seems to be one of the fans' favorites: Jenkins' "Pick-6" vs. the Rams:
Reggie Bush
Bout to watch The Other Guys for like the 4th time! Might be funnier then Step Brothers...
Darren Sharper
Productive day already, love it!! :)
New Orleans Saints
Congrats to Jahri Evans & Chris Ivory for being honored by @! Evans was named to All-Pro Team & Ivory to All-Rookie Team.
New Orleans Saints
Ivory's 5.2 yds per carry avg. & 44 first downs led all NFL rookie RBs. His 716 rushing yds ranked 2nd among rookies.
New Orleans Saints
Ivory's 55-yd TD vs. the Bengals was the longest by a rookie RB this season! Watch it here -
Reggie Bush
"I'm at the crime scene LOL! Good Tweet Good Tweet" Movie:The Other Guys
Heath Evans
We Are The Cure | One man's journey through therapy for childhood sexual abuse - @
Lance Moore
Relaxation at its finest!!! Lol



Pierre Thomas has no hard feelings with the New Orleans Saints as he looks to future |
"In the beginning, if I would've stayed off my feet right after the injury, earlier in the season, I think I would've been back" to full strength, Thomas said. "I would've played in the playoffs."

Drew Brees eyeing contract extension with Saints - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL -
"I think every player's always looking for an extension aren't they? That goes for you guys too," Brees told reporters, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. "I've got one year left. And discussions have been ongoing. So we'll see how it plays out."

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"It's a serious concern, it's definitely a concern, when you look at every move that ownership has made in regard to the negotiation of their TV contracts and the league with the networks they're set to get paid even if we don't play so there's revenue streams in place for ownership to make money even if we don't play games. Which would let you (say) that they're preparing for (a lockout) to happen," Brees said.

Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas ponder their futures with the New Orleans Saints |
"At this point I can only say I wish I knew where I'd be at and knew what team I'll be with," Thomas said. "So hopefully everything works out. But who knows?"



UPDATED: New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams comments on decision to withdraw name from Denver Broncos coaching search |
"I feel this is the right thing to do at this time," Williams said. "I can't stand in front of the defensive team in a team meeting (Tuesday) morning and say the things we need to do to win another Super Bowl and then get on a plane tomorrow afternoon to interview at Denver. I would not have a clear conscience."



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NORTHBROOK, Ill. (STATS) - The New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts did an excellent job protecting their respective Pro Bowl quarterbacks this season.



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Jeff Duncan's breakdown of the Saints game



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