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Fleur-de-Links - Jan. 14th: Saints' Roster Faces Offseason Uncertainty

It's a shame our main topics of Saints discussion these days concerns what may happen to the roster this offseason instead of getting ready to play the Bears. But, that's the way the ole ball bounces sometimes. Or should I say, that's the way the ole Seahawks TE torches Roman Harper. I hope he doesn't expect much love from WHO DAT Nation these next few months because something tells me he won't be getting much candy from Saints fans come Valentines Day. In his defense, he did have a lot of good games for us this year and the other D players didn't exactly have a great day last Saturday either.

I look forward to much roster overhaul discussion with you guys in the next few months. Harper will be back I'm sure, but what about other defensive players like Scott Shanle and Alex Brown? Shanle has never received much love from Saints fans. Is this the year they finally find his replacement?


Lance Moore
So why is it that 'we' wait till the last possible minute to get a haircut, knowing we have a flight to catch ...


Alex James Brown
Shipped my truck up from New Orleans and now I am on my way to pick it up... Wish they could have delivered it to the house but it's free ;)

Jeremy Shockey
Just wanted to let yall know that I have teamed up with Cult All Natural Energy Activator and we are having a...

Jonathan Vilma
i've run out of dvds to watch lol

Reggie Bush

I hate when people cheat on Words with Friends and then act like they are just smart! C'Mon son all of a sudden you know big words now

Former Saints Pro Bowler Michael Lewis will greet fans tomorrow in Lafayette, La. at Barnes & Noble (5705 Johnston St.) from 1-3 p.m.

New Orleans Saints
Counting down the final minutes of the work day? Play our new NFL Rush Games to help pass the time!

Tracy Porter
It's about to go down (Kevin Hart voice)

DeMario Pressley
So much murdering in our world right now.. And it's alot of family-on-family... Lord help us

Tracy Porter
From this point on..I'm on adult ish...if it's not positive or involves makin money then I'm not entertaining it.

Tracy Porter
Me too...oh i do have one u my boooyy RT @: Man I wish a nigga had a driver right nah I'm so full I can't drive



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