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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Fleur-de-Links Sunday, January 16 - Superdome Renovation Plans Released, Steelers & Packers Advance

Good morning, CSCers!! I hope you are coping well with this first offseason weekend of no more Saints football. It certainly was a fun day of football yesterday, watching the games stress-free and enjoying the competition.

The Steelers got smacked around early by the Ravens, but then turned the tables in an impressive second half, overcoming a 14-point deficit to win 31-24.

In the evening game, Atlanta used an Eric Weems KO return touchdown and a Packers turnover to grab a quick 14-7 lead before the Packers torpedoed them with 35 consecutive points (don't even get me started on Joe Buck's misuse of the term "unanswered points") on their way to a 48-21 blowout.

Today's divisional games continue the "Rematch" theme, featuring the Seahawks at the Bears in the early game, and the Jets at the Patriots in the late game. If you're going to watch the games this afternoon, be sure to check back here and join the open game thread with your other game-watching CSCers.

As for our beloved Saints, the news from them relates to the Superdome renovations, 2011 ticket prices, Jeff Duncan's roadmap to get them back on top, and Mickey Loomis commentary on the offseason.

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j_bushrod7475 Packers punter had a great day!!!
TylerLorenzen Very impressed with @AaronRodgers12 he was in his jedi mode no doubt.
jgoody76 Ok I think I'm done for the night!
jgoody76 The winner of tomorrows game gets the championship game at home! Should be a good one!
usama_young28 Traveling all day. Couldn't get on twitter until i finished watchin both games. Y'all would've spoiled it for me. Thank God for DVR
usama_young28 I kno I'm late but the steelers an ravens were goin at it!
usama_young28 And yea, falcs game got ugly. Rogers was in the zone
reggie_bush Anybody else watching the Miss America Pageant right now? Thoughts???
iWillSmith Happy Birthday Aaliyah
ChaseDaniel Just went 23-25 in skeet shooting under the lights! Not bad
BillyMiller83 Man I am almost at 10,000 followers! I remember that "1" day me and @reggie_bush had the same amount now he's got like 1.5mil LOL
ChaseDaniel And the duck hunting begins!
ChaseDaniel @drewbrees and my blind...ready to go
T_Porter22 That's a normal relationship RT @PeterGriffinn: Marriage is a relationship where one person is always right, and the other is the husband.
HeathEvans Get your butts to church! Im @ the highlands church in Auburn Al #fb
ChaseDaniel Unbelievable day hunting! My first time and we slayed em! Shot the limit!

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Divisional Sunday

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