CSC Fantasy Football League Round-Up and Awards

Since the last update was mid-season, I’d like to provide a round-up of the CBS Fantasy League we ran here on CSC. I threw in a few awards at the end for those of you that didn’t win a Championship this season (pauses, stares proudly into distance…).

After our last update, after Week 10, there were only 4 weeks left in the fantasy regular season of our 12 team league. The run to the playoffs was exciting and dramatic. Well, as far as fantasy football goes.

In the Poydras Division, Knuckle Heads stormed to the division title and a first round bye with a 10-3-1 record and the most points scored in the league. Led by Tom Brady, LeSean McCoy and Marques Colston, Jeremy Sherwin's team looked unstoppable, despite the late-season loss of Frank Gore. Our glorious leader Dave Cariello went 0-4 to end the season, and his Boom! Wrecked it! ended with a disappointing 5-9 record.

Stujo4 reached the playoffs with a respectable 9-5 record, going unbeaten through the last 4 games thanks to the consistently great scores of Michael Vick, whom Stuart smartly traded for in Week 2. His Girod Division also saw the worst record in the league, from Joseph William Stern's Natural Selections, whose 3-11 record left him on the brink of extinction.

David Kelly's team, Mad Mick Beyond Superdome, pulled ahead of The Bob Loblaw Law Blog after a high scoring Week 11 victory over his divisional rival 127 - 104. This was enough to claim a poor LaSalle Division 8-6. TBLLB (Monkey Poop Battle's team) lost out on a wildcard spot because of their losing head-to-head record with both of the teams that pushed him out of the playoffs.

A terrible end of season slump by natde1016’s Snakes on a Wayne saw his team go 0-4 and drop from first to last place in the Claiborne Division, which was won by a surging Henne Time, Henne Place, who also claimed the remaining bye. Both wildcard spots were taken by teams in this division, with Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe and Snakes on a Wayne both sneaking in with 7-7 records.

Here are the final regular season standings.

Team Name

CSC Member Owner


Poydras Division




Knuckle Heads

Jeremy Sherwin




Mobile Bay Mullets





Boom! Wrecked it!

David Cariello




Girod Division

Loomis & Lauscha LLP





Sweep the Leg

Saint Bevo




The Natural Selections

Joseph William Stern




LaSalle Division

Mad Mick Beyond Superdome

David "Satch" Kelly




The Bob Loblaw Blog

Monkey Poop Battle




Two Dat Super Bowl





Claiborne Division

Henne Time, Henne Place

Jay Preece




Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe

Andrew Juge




Snakes on a Wayne





(really don't know how to make that table look normal...)

These teams made the playoffs:

Bye Week: Knuckle Heads 10-3-1 and Henne Time, Henne Place 9-5
Division Winners: Loomis and Lauscha LLP 9-5 and Mad Mick Beyond Superdome 8-6
Wildcard: Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe 7-7 and Snakes On A Wayne 7-7


Loomis and Lauscha LLP (Stujo4) 116 – 112 Snakes On A Wayne (natde1016)

Stujo4, with Michael Vick's amazing 44 points against the Giants, narrowly eliminated Natde1016, whose team's solid scoring was let down only by his selection of Tony Gonzalez (2 points) over Aaron Hernandez, who scored two TD's against the Packers for 16 points.

Mad Mick Beyond Superdome (David Kelly) 73 – 81 Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe (Andrew Juge)

In a battle of CSC staff members, David Kelly's team of inconsistent stars let him down, with a combined 12 points from the previously on fire Dwayne Bowe and Peyton Hillis. Andrew Juge's team had a poor regular season but made it through to the divisional round led by Jamaal Charles and Peyton Manning.


Henne Time, Henne Place (Jay Preece) 112 - 66 Loomis and Lauscha LLP (Stujo4)

The Saints held Michael Turner to under 50 rushing yards on MNF, and my suddenly awesome team brushed aside Stujo4. I did get some small help from Aaron Rodgers and his epic 42 point game.

Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe (Andrew Juge) 96 – 87 Knuckle Heads (Jeremy Sherwin)

The bye week left championship favourite Jeremy Sherwin with too much time to consider his lineup, as he started Buffalo's Steve Johnson (5 points) in favour of Mario Manningham (19 points) and was eliminated by the league's dark horse Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe, led once again by Jamaal Charles.


Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe (Andrew Juge) vs Henne Time, Henne Place (Jay Preece)

The Championship game would be my third matchup of the season against Andrew Juge. I had won the previous two, both with 30+ points from Aaron Rodgers, but both had been decided by less than 8 points. This Championship game was an unlikely one, as both of us spent most of the season as underdogs not expected to reach this stage of the playoffs.

Andrew Juge's team was led by the still high-scoring Peyton Manning, with Santana Moss and Hakeem Nicks his usual receiving pair. He had trouble finding help at the RB spot alongside star player Jamaal Charles, and so Tim Hightower, DeAngelo Williams, Joseph Addai and Marion Barber were all used at different times. His tight ends for the season were the pretty average John Carlson and Chris Cooley, and he went through 6 different team defenses, but he still fought hard to end the regular season with a .500 record and make the playoffs.

My own season started disastrously, with a horrible computer mistake filled auto-pick draft. Allow me to gloat about that a little bit. Here are a few excerpts from the live chat on draft night.

(Henne Time, Henne Place autodrafts Packers DST at 19)

8/22/10 7:14 PM David Kelly (Satch) Packers in rd 2? Really?
8/22/10 7:14 PM Paul Schutz (Saintbevo) WTF?
8/22/10 7:14 PM jeremy sherwin WOW!!!!!!
8/22/10 7:14 PM jeremy sherwin LMAO
8/22/10 7:14 PM Dave Cariello He must have set up a draft order
8/22/10 7:14 PM shawn kinney i guess so
8/22/10 7:14 PM Paul Schutz (Saintbevo) yeah - a really bad one
8/22/10 7:14 PM shawn kinney mustve been planning to be here too lol
8/22/10 7:14 PM David Kelly (Satch) I set one up too and now see it's all different than what I set

(Henne Time, Henne Place takes Garrett Hartley in round 5)

8/22/10 7:32 PM Andrew Juge Garrett Hartley?!?!?!?!?!
8/22/10 7:32 PM Paul Schutz (Saintbevo) well henne time has their kicker taken care of
8/22/10 7:32 PM shawn kinney well that really really sucks for him
8/22/10 7:32 PM shawn kinney good for us though
8/22/10 7:33 PM Andrew Juge dude seriously why Hartley come on
8/22/10 7:33 PM Andrew Juge WHY
8/22/10 7:33 PM Andrew Juge I remember like 7 years ago I had a fraternity brother pick Adam Vinatieri in the 2nd round
8/22/10 7:33 PM shawn kinney with as much as you would pay for this it should go by bpa at an available position
8/22/10 7:34 PM Andrew Juge Hartley 53rd... WOW

(Henne Time, Henne Place proceeds to select 6 backup QB's)

8/22/10 8:12 PM Devin Grabarek Take a look at Henne Time Henne Place and feel better about yourself
8/22/10 8:31 PM shawn kinney lmao
8/22/10 8:31 PM Andrew Juge wow, stacked at qb
8/22/10 8:33 PM David Kelly (Satch) guess I didn't need to watch the saucy talk here, did I? Team Henne is f****d!
8/22/10 8:39 PM jeremy sherwin Are you going to post our rosters on CSC Dave?
8/22/10 8:39 PM Mike Strasavich hope not
8/22/10 8:39 PM shawn kinney you should and take a poll of who ppl think will win
8/22/10 8:39 PM David Kelly (Satch) Jay Preece is gonna feel like s**t if he does
8/22/10 8:39 PM jeremy sherwin LOL
8/22/10 8:39 PM shawn kinney really?
8/22/10 8:40 PM jeremy sherwin another QB
8/22/10 8:40 PM shawn kinney another QB?
8/22/10 8:40 PM shawn kinney lol
8/22/10 8:40 PM jeremy sherwin lol
8/22/10 8:40 PM David Kelly (Satch) Oh no! ANother QB!!!!!
8/22/10 8:40 PM David Kelly (Satch) poor guy
8/22/10 8:40 PM David Kelly (Satch) the dude's bench is all QB!

Thanks to an draft ordering mistake or two, I ended up with a terrible roster. Six quarterbacks graced my bench, and a season of add/drops loomed. Sure enough, 39 players graced my roster over the course of the season, including gems such as Chester Taylor, Kareem Huggins, Correll Buckhalter and Danario Alexander. Yet, almost exclusively because of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers defense, I stayed competitive, and the add/drops started to pay off. Here I was, in the championship game.

Going in to the game, Andrew and I made some interesting roster changes. He picked up Jimmy Graham and Mike Thomas, and I added Rashad Jennings to my team.



Peyton Manning had another good game for Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe, and as he also started Pierre Garcon, his start looked great. Jamaal Charles was again fantastic, Jimmy Graham was decent, as was Garrett Hartley, but his lack of RB support finally proved fatal, as Joseph Addai mustered only 4 points, and his start of Mike Thomas was a poor decision, as he added only 3.

Despite a poor game by Aaron Rodgers, my team won convincingly. My pick-up of Rashad Jennings proved crucial, as his 19 points and 14 from BenJarvus Green-Ellis pushed me into the lead. Alongside another touchdown for Brandon Lloyd, I pulled out the win 99-85 to seal the 2010/11 CSC Fantasy Championship.

- - - - - - - - - -

On to the Fantasy Awards…


Apologies for brazenly exulting over my victory, but I'll get this out of the way first by award it to myself.


This was won by Jeremy Sherwin’s Knuckle Heads, with a huge 1350 points in the 14-week regular season. His scoring was led by Tom Brady, but surprisingly the second highest scorer on his roster was the Steelers DST.


Joseph William Stern’s The Natural Selections scored a meager 949 points in the regular season, leaving him dead last in scoring. His running back trio of Cedric Benson, Thomas Jones and Cadillac Williams failed to show up all season long.


In Week 9, David "Satch" Kelly’s Mad Mick Beyond Superdome scored an incredible 136 points to blowout The Natural Selections, who mustered only 48. This enormous score was led by Philip Rivers, Peyton Hillis and Adrian Peterson, who amongst the three of them had eight touchdowns.


Technically, this award should be shared. Dave Cariello’s Boom! Wrecked It and The Natural Selections tied each scored 41 points at one point in the season. But while Mister Dave reached his low point after being let down by his whole team, Joseph William Stern managed to score 41 despite a great game by Matt Schaub, who scored 21. This was because of his roster ignorance – he started 3 inactive players, including two who were on IR.


Four games in the regular season were decided by one point, with Mobile Bay Mullets on the receiving end twice:

Week 4 - Boom! Wrecked it! 99 – 98 Mobile Bay Mullets
Week 6 - Sweep the Leg 93 – 92 Mobile Bay Mullets
Week 8 - Mad Mick Beyond Superdome 91 – 90 Henne Time, Henne Place
Week 8 – The Natural Selections 50 – 49 Boom! Wrecked it!


Week 11 - The Bob Loblaw Law Blog 104 - 127 Mad Mick Beyond Superdome

In a league where the average score was in the mid-80’s, anyone scoring 104 could usually expect to win their weekly matchup. Unfortunately for Monkey Poop Battle, his team was outgunned in Week 11 by divisional rival Dave ‘Satch’ Kelly, whose team scored a whopping 127, led once again by Philip Rivers, and ably backed up by a Ravens defense which picked up two touchdowns against the Panthers.


Week 15 - Loomis & Lauscha LLP 116 – 112 Snakes on a Wayne


In Week 1, after Kevin Kolb had been concussed, Michael Vick entered the game and scored 23 fantasy points. Jeremy Sherwin picked him up from the waiver wire immediately, but with Tom Brady leading his team, he accepted a trade from Stujo4’s Loomis & Lauscha LLP, who sent Matthew Stafford in the other direction. Vick went on to outscore Brady, despite starting in five fewer games.


Here we will follow the fantasy path of Peyton Hillis.

Hillis was drafted by Dave Cariello in Round 14 of the fantasy draft. This would win draft pick of the year, but before the season even began, Hillis was dropped for Chris Ivory.

The Other Peyton was then picked by Dave Kelly, who waited a few days and then changed his mind, dropping him for the Washington Redskins DST. Luckily, though, he wouldn’t rue his decision, as he managed to pick up Hillis again the very next day. Hillis was the 4th highest scoring RB in the 2010 regular season.


In Mid-October, Snakes on a Wayne dropped Cowboys WR Dez Bryant, who had scored only 26 points in six games. He was snapped up by skinnykinney’s Two Dat Super Bowl and, with Jon Kitna looking his way, went on a hot streak, scoring 53 points in only four games.


Looking back at the draft results the official "early favourite to win" was Two Dat Super Bowl, with 25% of the CSC vote. This may just have been due to his pick of Drew Brees, though. Most of his team ended up being a huge bust, with Ronnie Brown, Ochocinco and Michael Crabtree underwhelming and Ryan Grant succumbing to injury early.

My award has to go to Mad Mick Beyond Superdome, who took Philip Rivers, Adrian Peterson, Dwayne Bowe, Roddy White and the Ravens defense. His poor choice of Reggie Bush and the lack of depth on his bench is still overwhelmed by those five great picks.


This award has to go to MobileSaints' Mobile Bay Mullets, who ended 6-7-1, yet could have been 9-5 and in the playoffs with only a single point swing in each of three games.


StuJo4’s Loomis & Lauscha LLP strung together eight consecutive wins between Week 8 and Week 16, when he was eliminated from the fantasy playoffs.


After a 2-0 start, Joseph William Stern’s The Natural Selections lost five games in a row, beat Dave Cariello by one point in week 8, then lost his last six in a row to end the season.


Surprisingly, the team with the most injuries was also the team with the best regular season record. Knuckle Heads went 10-3-1 despite missing Frank Gore, Clinton Portis, the Giants' Steve Smith, Antonio Gates and backup TE Todd Heap at different points of the season.


The Bob Loblaw Law Blog managed to draft Arian Foster in the seventh round, with the 76th overall pick. Foster was the highest scoring running back in the entire league this season, with 313 points.

To put this pick into perspective, here are some RB’s drafted before Foster:

Pick 11 – Snakes on a Wayne – Ryan Mathews, 107 points
Pick 13 – The Natural Selections – Cedric Benson, 158 points
Pick 21 – The Bob Loblaw Law Blog – Shonn Greene, 93 points
Pick 22 – Two Dat Super Bowl – Ronnie Brown, 112 points
Pick 30 – Boom! Wrecked it! – Beanie Wells, 51 points
Pick 34 – Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe – Joseph Addai , 83 points
Pick 64 – Knuckle Heads – Clinton Portis, 37 points
Pick 71 – Mobile Bay Mullets – Laurence Maroney, 10 points
Pick 72 – Mad Mick Beyond Superdome – Reggie Bush, 40 points


Despite all of the horrendous running back picks listed above, there was a clear winner here. In round two, at pick 17 overall, Saint Bevo may have thought he had a steal when he took Randy Moss. But the receiver scored only 64 points all season long, and Bevo rested him for only two games.

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