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2010 Chronicle Awards: Most Embarrassing Saints Play of the Year

We're still handing out the hardware with our 2010 Chronicle Awards, though our award today is not one anybody wants to win. Our category this time around is 'Most Embarrassing" and sadly, we've got a few good candidates.

After the jump you'll find the six plays I've nominated for this award and a brief description of each to help refresh your memory. All you need to do is cast your vote for your favorite. You may base your decision on how important the play was in relation to that game or even the season. You can base it purely on how much talent, or lack thereof, it took. Or just on sheer ineptitude. Doesn't matter. Just pick one and vote. The poll will be open for 72 hours.

Chicken Little Fleaflicker (or) Epic Flail

I'll spare you all the gory details since I'm sure you haven't been able to forget about this play just yet. With eight missed tackles, the Saints continued playoff hopes were dashed...Watch it now

Garrett Hartley's Overtime Miss

After forcing the Falcons to punt in overtime, the Saints had a chance to win the game with an easy 29-yard field goal. But Garrett Hartley shanked it, the Falcons eventually kicked their own field goal for the win and the landscape of the NFC South was permanently set. If Hartley had made the kick, the entire season and playoff seeding would have probably been significantly different...Watch it now

The Matador

C'mon man! On 3rd and 8 and down by four points in a key late-season game against the Falcons, Jermon Bushrod runs out to block for a quick screen pass but completely ignores the rushing John Abraham, not even a chip shot. Abraham gets in Drew's face and tips the pass to himself for the interception...Watch it now

#64 is Eligible

With the score tied up at 3-3, the Saints had first down and needed just one yard for the go-ahead touchdown. As usual, backup offensive lineman Zach Strief checked in as an extra blocker and an eligible receiver but this time the ball was actually going to him. Brees threw the ball a little high as Strief tripped himself up attempting the catch. The ball eventually hit the ground and Strief missed out on a rare opportunity to score a key touchdown.

Roman Harper Runs Out of Gas

After Rams running back Steven Jackson fumbled the ball on the Saints goal line, it was Roman Harper who was there to scoop it up and start running the length of the field for a touchdown. But rookie quarterback Sam Bradford was determined to stop the score and eventually caught up with the slow safety, running him out of bounds and preventing six points. Harper is later seen on the sidelines sucking wind and breathing from the oxygen tank...Watch it now

The Entire Game Against the Browns

There were so many bad plays in this game, I couldn't pick just one so I've just nominated the entire game. Whether it's the four interceptions thrown by Brees, the lateral on a punt return to gain 80 yards or the 68-yard run by the Browns punter on a successful fake. The Saints were straight up out-coached in this one...Watch it now