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New Orleans Saints' Final 2010 Special Teams Player Grades

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Below are all the GPA's for every Saints player on special teams for all 16 games plus the one playoff game. Make the jump to see how they all stacked up, and to see who my pick is for the special teams MVP.

My special teams MVP for the year is Thomas Morstead.

My least valuable special teams player is John Carney.

The Most Improved special teams player from 2009 is: Garrett Hartley (up 0.13 points from 2009)

The special teams player with the biggest drop off from 2009 is: John Carney (down 0.26 from 2009)

Thomas Morstead: 3.06 (17 games graded) - 2009 GPA was 3.00

Ramon Humber: 3.00 (1 game graded)

Jason Kyle: 2.84 (2 games graded)

Garrett Hartley: 2.80 (15 games graded) - 2009 GPA was 2.67

Courtney Roby: 2.56 (13 games graded) - 2009 GPA was 2.80

John Carney: 2.34 (2 games graded) - 2009 GPA was 2.60