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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10 @ New Orleans Saints 7: Second Half Open Thread

Oh, no.  We're down by three points.  We're losing the turnover battle 2-1, with both of ours coming in the Red Zone as we were looking to score - !  Malcolm Jenkins is out with a knee injury and the early report on Jimmy Graham is a sprained left ankle.  Time for the next men up to come through with some big plays.

On the other hand, our defense has made some good stops and Ivory looks pretty good in his return.  

I can't tell if that feeling in the pit of my stomach is the potential dread at losing another winnable game, or the anticipation of another exciting come-from-behind win, as we have maybe now weathered Tampa's best shot. 

Come on in to finish the game, commenting with your CSC family.  

The Saints get the ball to start in the 2nd Half (unless Raheem tries to ambush us), so let's get behind our BOYS!!

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