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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23 @ New Orleans Saints 13: Saints Get Buc'd by Freeman and Co.

Well, that wasn't much fun. Today's game is in the books, folks, and unfortunately, the Saints did not bring enough to the party. Tampa Bay came in and played a better game, beating us at home - again.

They kept their playoff hopes alive, and will surely be watching/keeping up with the late games to see their fate, but they certainly did their part.

How did it happen? I think the biggest culprit was losing the turnover battle. Two red zone turnovers denied us points, and the Bucs turned one of them into 7 points of their own.

Josh Freeman also had a big day against us, passing, eluding the rush, and running for yards when he had to.

I'm having a hard time in my disappointment focusing on analysis and breakdown right now. I was also shocked by the appearance of Chase Daniel after that last Tampa Bay turnover.

So, check into the post-game stats, and then jump into the discussion thread to air your grievances. Maybe the Festivus spirit can save us...

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