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Canal Street Chronicles Fantasy Football and Prediction Contest Results

Our official Canal Street Chronicles fantasy football league has long been over and the last prediction contest ballot has closed. I figure it's about time I give everyone a final update and announce our winners. 

First let's all congratulations CSC member Jay Preece, whose cleverly named fantasy football team, Henne Time, Henne Place, was crowned champion of our official Canal Street Chronicles CBS Sports fantasy football Commissioner league. Not many people gave Jay's team a chance when you were asked to choose an early favorite to win before the season started. Probably because Jay missed the draft and auto-picker stuck him with five - FIVE! - quarterbacks. But he didn't give up and made some nice roster moves, which makes his win even more impressive.  

We also must congratulate long-time CSC member and internet bad boy, MtnExile, who was the only member to win more than one of our weekly prediction contests. He won two! I'll also give an honorable mention to members stujo4, coldpizza and dalleoman, who all tied for most appearances on a ballot with four each.  

That means Jay and M-E will each be rewarded with either a black or white Saints polo shirt (their choice) when they email me to let me know their size, address and color choice. 

A sincere thank you to everyone who participated in any of our contests/leagues this season. 

After the jump you will find the final standings and the final playoff grid from our official fantasy football league to see how it all went down, as well as a list of weekly prediction contest winners. 

Final Standings

Team Name CSC Member Owner Record
Poydras Division Win Loss Tie
(x) Knuckle Heads Jeremy Sherwin 10 4 1
Mobile Bay Mullets MobileSaint 6 7 1
Boom! Wrecked it! David Cariello 5 9 0
Girod Division
(z) Loomis & Lauscha LLP stujo4 10 6 0
Sweep the Leg Saint Bevo 6 8 0
The Natural Selections Joseph William Stern 3 11 0
LaSalle Division
(z) Mad Mick Beyond Superdome David "Satch" Kelly 8 7 0
The Bob Loblaw Blog Monkey Poop Battle 7 7 0
Two Dat Super Bowl skinnykinney 6 8 0
Claiborne Division
(x) Henne Time, Henne Place Jay Preece 11 5 0
(y) Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe Andrew Juge 9 8 0
(y) Snakes on a Wayne natde1016 7 8 0

(x) First Round Bye

(z) Clinched division 

(y) Wild Card


Playoff Grid



Weekly Prediction Contest Winners

Vikings @ Saints - HB-NOLA

Saints @ Niners - chicago cajun

Falcons @ Saints - pipr

Panthers @ Falcons - VAsaintsfan

Saints @ Cardinals - cajun cavern

Saints @ Buccaneers - daisy117

Browns @ Saints - jeff.I.b

Steelers @ Saints - BLJew

Saints @ Panthers - stujo4

Seahawks @ Saints - bp42810

Saints @ Cowboys - Joseph William Stern

Saints @ Bengals - gavin31785

Rams @ Saints - jray200

Saints @ Ravens - MtnExile

Saints @ Falcons - HansDat

Buccaneers @ Saints - MtnExile

Saints @ Seahawks - Dang Hu Dat