Super bowl Hangover: The Collecter's edition!

And now, by popular demand, I present to you...the entire Super bowl Hangover Series for the low low price of 200 monthly installments of $20!! All joking aside, I have been asked to group all of the SBH together for an easy access internet bound collector's book.

Below are all 7 Hangover's that were written this past season. If you read one, but weren't able to get a reference I'm going to list them in order for you to be able to read them from beginning to end.

Super bowl Hangover: Bye Week

Reggie is throwing a Party at his house. All goes well until a stranger shows up and crashes the party.

Super bowl Hangover: Practice makes Poetry

Drew and company are practicing before the game against the Seahawks. But, as always, practice is anything but perfect for the super bowl champs. Also, the beginning of the Hartley Saga!

Super bowl Hangover: Dinner in Dallas

Jerry Jones takes Sean Payton to dinner to ask a request. But Hi jinks occur and secrets are revealed at the dinner table.

Super bowl Hangover: Long Time no See

The Saints are prepping for their match up with the Rams, and they feel they are ready, so ready in fact the special teams got the week off!

Super bowl Hangover: Monkey See Monkey Do

The Saints are once again prepping for a game, this time, it's the Ravens. Gregg Williams gives more of an insight into his mind, while Payton and Pierre still can't stay on solid ground.

Super bowl Hangover: It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

It's Christmas time for the Saints, but they are still preparing for the Atlanta game. Look in on the Saints, during their gift exchange...and dinner.

Super bowl Hangover: Cause I'd miss you babe

In the season finale, the Saints have just been eliminated from the playoffs. Listen to the good byes between the players and the coaches, and wish adieu to the boys in black and gold. Special Guest appearance by Jason David, and a musical performance by Sean Payton featuring Aerosmith.

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