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Fleur-de-Links - Jan. 25th: Saints Not Rushing To Replace Dennis Allen

Coach Payton says they plan to "take their time" when deciding who to hire as the new DBs coach now that Dennis Allen is leaving to be the Denver Broncos' new defensive coordinator. No need to get into a hurry about it. They have plenty of time to find the right fit.

In other news, Gregg Williams is still upset over the "off day" he says his unit had in Seattle, Drew Brees comments on his MCL sprain and defends Jay Cutler against the harsh criticism he's been receiving lately, and Herschel Walker (age 48) is saying he wants to come back and play for the Falcons. Don't laugh. He's reportedly in outstanding shape. Okay, maybe laugh just a little.


Heath Evans
I don't miss these days at all!!!

Jonathan Vilma
not a good start to hawaii, american just cancelled my flight, gota hop on a later one...smh

Lance Moore
Count ur blessings homie lol RT @: not a good start to hawaii, american just cancelled my flight, gota hop on a later one...smh

Jonathan Vilma @ lol I will wen I get there...they paid you yet?!?

Tracy Porter
Who's up working this rainy morning?...I'm up but I need to eat first lol

Malcolm Jenkins
bout to enjoy some breakfast to start my day off... thanks @ !!!

Usama Young
Nope. Never did a sequel to the first one. We should have though RT @: @ did you do a superbowl ad for this year?

Usama Young
Not yet RT @: @ Your secondary coach is going to Denver. Have you all heard who his replacement is going to be yet?

Usama Young
No preference,the coaches got that RT @: @ Now that Mr.Allen is gone,who do you want to see as the next D-Coordinato

Adam Schefter
RT @: Made mistake of shaking hands w/ Oklahoma RB Demarco Murray. Dude almost broke my hand ... Must be Okla RB thing. AP's brutal.

Jeff Duncan
Interesting to see Dennis Allen watch Senior Bowl practice with John Fox today, 24 hours after watching it with the coaching staff.

According to the Harris Poll, 31% of Americans listed Pro Football as their favorite sport in 2010. 2nd was Baseball at 17%

Lance Moore
Got a good workout in today, a quick lunch and now I'm feeling extra itis'e lol

Reggie Bush
Crazy story about the guy who was fired from work for wearing the Greenbay Packers tie! Lol!

Jeff Duncan
Great to see @ at Senior Bowl practice today. LeCharles doing NFL/college analysis for AOL Fanhouse. Knows his stuff.

Jeff Duncan
coach Sean Payton said he would take his time in finding a replacement for DBs coach Dennis Allen. In other words, nothing imminent.

Reggie Bush
Here's the link to the story! LMAO!

Heath Evans
Thx for all the kind remarks about my ESPN visit! Sorry I can respond to them all.

Jeff Duncan
Dennis Allen would not say whether he had an offer from the Eagles or not but reading between the lines it sounds like he did & picked DEN.

Jonathan Vilma
Hawaii baby! Sitting next to my boy roman harper for 8 hrs!! Wish me luck lolol

New Orleans Saints
5 Saints will participate in the Pro Bowl this Sunday. Here are the final PB rosters that the NFL released today

jonathan goodwin
No problem RT @: Check out the guy that gets touched by drew brees everyday! Lol....thanks for (cont)



Saints lose DB coach Allen to Broncos | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
"Hey, there are only 32 of these jobs in the league," Allen said in Mobile, where he was attending Senior Bowl activities in preparation for the April NFL draft.

Denver Broncos hire New Orleans Saints assistant Dennis Allen as defensive coordinator |
He was with Saints past three seasons

Payton: Saints will take time finding new DB coach | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
"We’ll take our time here," Payton said. "We’ve got plenty of time with filling his position. We’ll do it like we have before."

Denver Broncos Hire Dennis Allen as Defensive Coordinator - Mile High Report



New Orleans Saints' Gregg Williams relives lowlights after playoff loss to Seattle Seahawks |
"I'm really pissed that I'm sitting here at the Senior Bowl because you know that we had an off day -- and it was defensively an off day," Williams said. "We just had an off day."

Saints' Williams still seething at playoff loss | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
"Sean (Payton) gave everybody a week off," Williams said. "I was at the office every single day. This is the first day I haven’t been in the office since the season was over. Saturdays. Sundays. All day long."

New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams still hasn't gotten over team's loss to Seattle Seahawks |
Williams said they lost because the defense had an "off day"

New Orleans Saints special teams coordinator Greg McMahon reflects on tough finish to 2010 season |
"That's your goal every year is year is you don't want to be here," McMahon said, echoing a popular refrain from a Saints staff that was able to skip the event last year en route to a Super Bowl title. "At the end of the day, there's one team that's happy, and that's gonna be the team in two weeks that wins the Super Bowl.



Drew Brees and family to appear on today's episode of 'Ellen' |
Watch a clip as Baylen Brees steals the show

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees defends Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler |
"Yeah, I had an MCL sprain this year and was able to rehab it and play with a brace, and it limited my mobility for a period of time. But I was fortunate enough to be able to get through it," Brees told while doing promotional interviews for the NFL's Play 60 campaign at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. "Nobody knows the extent of Jay Cutler's injury except for him and the Bears training staff, so nobody can comment on it fairly. I think it's unfair to do so just because you don't know."

Comparing Brees to Cutler not fair - NFC South Blog - ESPN
"No offense to Evans, but he’s not a doctor and all indications are his use of the word "torn’’ was not accurate. Coach Sean Payton had more direct knowledge of the Brees’ injury and he said Monday it was a mild knee sprain."



Final Pro Bowl Rosters



Herschel Walker? Seriously? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Herschel Walker says he wants to make a football comeback and he wants to play for the Atlanta Falcons.

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
In this radio interview, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees reflects a bit on the season and is asked about Jay Cutler’s knee injury. Brees dealt with a knee injury during the season and played through it. But he is quick to point out he doesn’t know the exact nature of Cutler’s injury.

All-Pro team short on NFC South reps - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Only three players from the division made the first team. Atlanta receiver Roddy White and New Orleans guard Jahri Evans made the offensive unit and Atlanta defensive end John Abraham is the only representative on the first-team defense.



moosedenied » Blog Archive » A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours

Sean Payton to try television work - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Sean Payton is going to the Super Bowl after all.

Saints Super Bowl license tag could be available in Mississippi by March 1 |
BATON ROUGE -- Members of the Who Dat Nation in Mississippi may soon be able to buy the Magnolia State's version of the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV license tag for $50 a year.

New Orleans Saints had highest local TV market rating of all NFL cities in 2010 |
They earned household rating of 43.9, beating out Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers

New Orleans Saints reader comment: Malcolm Jenkins was team's defensive MVP |
Highlighting comments from our readers