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Fleur-de-Links - Jan.26th: Coaches Continue Senior Bowl Safari

Brian Alee-Walsh summed it up well in an article today when he said football is a wasteland until the Super Bowl XLV kickoff. There's really little news to link to other than a little coverage from the site of this weekend's annual Senior Bowl, where most NFL coaching staffs are currently congregated to check out this year's college talent.

In other happenings, the Superdome renovations begin (see picture to left) and Reggie Bush wages war on a mosquito.


Jeff Duncan
Sr. Bowl player buses just arrived @ stadium w/police escorts, sirens blaring lights flashing. Its 9 am in Mobile. Is that really necessary?

jonathan goodwin
Anybody know of a good place for kids karate classes in Metairie or Kenner?

Nice read on why our close friend Cortez Kennedy should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Reggie Bush
Don't you hate when a mosquito gets in your house and you try to kill it and miss and then it disappears! LMAO!

Reggie Bush
You will literally spend all day plotting and waiting for that mosquito to show up! Lol

Reggie Bush
Talking trash and everything! Like "I got something for that damn mosquito when I see him again! Imma tear his *** up!"

New Orleans Saints
The newly-designed Pro Bowl trophy - what do you think? (AP Photo)

Lance Moore

Totally agree!!! RT @: @ how about a Gstring with leggings! No panty lines.. Jeans show panty ...

Reggie Bush
Don't be acting brand new on twitter! Lol

Lance Moore
@ need u to jump in on this leggings convo. Some ladies r saying they shouldn't be worn as pants. And I said why the hell not lol

Jeff Duncan
Yes, honored & humbled by Pat Yaz's review .... RT @: @: Recommended Reading: "From Bags To Riches''

Chase Daniel
At a business lunch with my marketing guy, Bill Henkel...good stuff to come for Super Bowl week!

Scott Shanle
Tune in this friday 11: 30 cst for interview with doug and daddy 1460-kearney 1550-hastings both AM and on the web @

Lance Moore
Ok new one along those same lines. How does everybody feel about white leggings???

Lance Moore
Wasn't sure of the reaction I'd get from the white leggings tweet, but I guess most women don't like, or do they ...

stujo 4
@ white leggings AKA leotards

New Orleans Saints
Very cool video from @. The "Shots of the Year" for the 2010 NFL season

Usama Young
Ain't been on here in a few. What's been up? I see @ has been talkin about jeggings and leggings the whole day

Lance Moore
Didn't get many replies to my tweet about getting ur toes done ladies. Why do some try to get away w open toes n not have those things done?

Lance Moore
Well just like to tell everyone that todays convo was fun n very entertaining. Let's do it again sometime. Laying down for a bit. Be coo



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