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Jabari Greer Played Hurt Second Half of 2010 Season

Disappointed in Jabari Greer's seeming lack of production during the 2010 season after playing lights out and being one of the league's lock down cornerbacks during the Saints Super Bowl run? Cheer up, because Greer didn't just start sucking for no reason. He was injured!

CB Jabari Greer played through a shoulder injury throughout the last half of the season so much to where Greer could barely lift his arm above his head, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams said. It's why Greer struggled at times late in 2010.

What is disappointing, however, is the fact that Gregg Williams and the Saints thought an injured Greer was still better than a healthy anybody they had on the roster and that Greer's injury may have made him a liability in the Saints pass defense. Wouldn't the Saints have been better off with someone else, like rookie cornerback Patrick Robinson, on the field instead of an unhealthy Greer? I don't know. Obviously the Saints didn't think so.

The good news is that the 2011 season, if there is one, should see 'Jet' return to his shutdown corner self once again.

*Thanks to stujo4 for posting this FanShot first.*