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Fleur-de-Links - Jan. 31st: Saints Enter Final Week as 'The Champs'

This Sunday will crown either the Steelers or the Packers as "The Champs," which is a title they will deservedly carry throughout the 2011 season. It's been a great two years for us Saints fans. Sure, we fell a little short this season, but an 11-5 record ain't exactly chopped liver. Many Super Bowl winners in recent years never even made it back to the playoffs in the following season. We at least avoided that shortcoming.

Earlier this millennium, the Patriots didn't make it back after winning their first SB, but they did make it back the following year and won the next two. This year, the Steelers made it to the Super Bowl after winning it all two years ago and falling short of the playoffs last year. This trend makes me very optimistic for our chances in the 2011 season.

How about that Pro Bowl? How many turnovers were there? Thirty-seven? It seemed like a lot. When our man Drew Brees came in, there was really little he needed to do other than hand off the ball and run out the clock. It was cool seeing him, Carl Nicks, and Jahri Evans all on the field at the same time. I don't ever remember seeing three Saints on offense together in the Pro Bowl before. How about that Jay Glazer play call? Did you hear Drew reply, "Are you serious?" That was cool.


Thanks to all the fans who submitted questions for Willie Roaf - We will talk with him this afternoon & post his answers tomorrow!

Heath Evans
"@: @ dont under-estimate the pack" I want them to win I just think the experience of Pitt will win out?

deuce mcallister
"@: Fellas: what's the most romantic thing you've done for your lady?"Gave her the c/c and told her have fun.

David Chappelle
by j_bushrod7475
I better see some instant replays in the this year, we all kno everything is better is sloooowww motionnn

Garrett Hartley
Just landed in NYC ! Headed to the studio for a quick tour... Hope my cooking skills are in order forth rachael ray show

Heath Evans
"Steelers, 24-20" is my Super Bowl prediction

New Orleans Saints
Going to interview Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalist Willie Roaf this afternoon. Reply to us with a question for #77! We will ask a few...

New Orleans Saints
More on Pro Bowl RT @: 13.4 million of u watched last nite's Pro Bowl- the most-watched all-star game of any sport since 2009

Alex James Brown
Its called off season for a reason, I will begin training soon enough but now just relax RT @ getting lazy in the offseason Alex?

Lance Moore
Good workout today, now its time for some great lunch @ w @

jonathan goodwin
So do people really follow people they don't like?

NOLA Saints Nation
Pro Bowl recap: - PS, watching so many Falcons players made me feel really really sick to my stomach

New Orleans Saints
Vote for the New Orleans Saints for the Sports @ (Best in Twitter).Voting ends today

Adam Schefter
Upon walking into ESPN offices this am, a kind woman said, "Let me show you to your office." And she took me to office that said, "Jim Rome"

Will Smith
Haha, I ain't even drinking an acting like I'm drunk, wifey just inform me its Red Hook not Red Roof



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