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Power Play of the Game: Graham's Gorgeous Grab

For the next five or six weeks we've got another new sponsor and we'll be breaking down one big play from each Saints game during that time span. 

So it shouldn't be a surprise that Jimmy Graham is the subject of our first ever Power Play post. He was already awarded our game ball of the week and we've been seeing some spectacular stuff from the sophomore tight end on the regular.

Right now we're going to relive Jimmy Graham's awesome one-handed 30-yard grab vs. the Panthers on Sunday. It wasn't immensely important to the outcome of the game but it sure was pretty. Make the jump for the full breakdown. 


It's the start of the 3rd quarter and the Saints are up by a touchdown. Jimmy Graham lines up in the slot. 



That pass is in the air; it's thrown high and away behind Graham. 



Panthers cornerback Charles Godfrey is all over Graham. The coverage is tight. But Graham is able to get his hands on the ball. 



Godfrey makes a play and the ball is tipped back into the air, getting away from Graham, who is falling backwards.



This play would be over with a normal tight end, but Jimmy's concentration is intense. He's still focused on the ball. 



While still falling backward and completely off-balanced, Graham's ridiculously long wingspan allows him to get a hand underneath the ball. 



With a grip on the ball, Jimmy curls it into his chest. 



Now that the ball is properly secured and seat backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked position, he's ready for landing. 



Graham finishes it all off with an acrobatic little tuck and roll before springing to his feet.