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How Will Sean Payton's Knee Injury Affect the Saints?

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After fracturing his tibia and tearing his MCL following a sideline collision with Jimmy Graham...<cough> late hit <cough> no call <cough> bull$#!+ <cough>...Sean Payton will undergo surgery tomorrow to repair his left knee. But the big question is: how does this affect the Saints

I've got to imagine his role in game planning for the Colts next Sunday will be at least slightly more limited than during normal weeks. And when it comes to coaching the actual game, will be be mobile enough to stand on the sidelines or at least from up in the booth? Will Payton be forthcoming with the media about his injury or will he keep it under wraps for a competitive advantage? But most importantly, will Payton's injury cause the Saints offense to suck next week as bad as they did today?

Right now I'd have to list his status as day-to-day and label him questionable against the Colts next week.