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Fantasy Football 2011: Saints Sleeper of the Week

This week the Saints take on the Indianapolis Colts and their 30th ranked run defense. That means only two teams in the NFL (Panthers and Rams) are worse at stopping the run than the Colts. So it would stand to reason that running the ball would figure heavily in the Saints offensive game plan this Sunday.

That's why my Saints fantasy football sleeper for this week is non other than running back Mark Ingram. The rookie is currently leading the Saints in rushing with 71 touches for 238 yards. Fans have been anxiously awaiting that 'breakout' game from Ingram and there's no better time than this Sunday's game against the Colts to give the fans what they want.   

If one of your usual starting running backs is on a bye, running back Mark Ingram might be a worthwhile pickup to tide you over until next week.