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Colts @ Saints: HansDat's Hot Reads

Home Sweet Home.

Or should I say, Dome Sweet Dome.

No, I'd better say Mercedes-Benz Dome Sweet Mercedes-Benz Dome.

Yup, the Saints finally have a home game again. Thank goodness they put those new lights on the Dome, as some players may have forgotten how to find their way there, especially for a prime time game.

Make the jump for some deliciously home-cooked Hot Reads, and then be sure to come back later for an extra special Gameday Fleur-de-Links, too!

Mmm.....links. Anyone got some sausage?

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Stampede Blue

Primary Option

With Payton injured and calling the plays from waaaaay up high in the pressbox, it has become even more important for the offensive line to PROTECT BREES. The Colts pass rush consists of DEs Dwight Freeney (4.5 sacks) and Robert Mathis (3.5), so let's help our tackles with chip blocks on these guys to give Drew Brees time to find his receivers with clear lines of sight. Brian De La Puente gets the start over the departed Olin Kreutz, so here's hoping the middle of the line is more solid than it was last week.

What I'd like to see: Freeney and Mathis neutralized by a combination of quick releases and good protection. Brees deserves a game in which he doesn't feel much heat.


Checkdown # 1

I don't think it's possible for me to overstate the importance of HOLDING ON TO THE @$#% BALL.

Did you know that the 2011 Saints have lost two in a row when they cough up the ball on their first drive of the game? It's true. Look it up.

Here's another nugget that is sure to shock you: this season, the Saints are 0-1 when they have four or more giveaways. I s*** you not.

What I'd like to see: Saints, for the entirety of the game, for the love of all that's holy, please just HOLD ON TO THE @$#% BALL. Do not drop it on the turf. Do not tip it or throw it to the other team. I don't even want you to punt it to them - score every time you have the ball, and then send every kickoff sailing out the back of the end zone. Got it?


Checkdown # 2

The Colts are giving up more than 136 yards per game on the ground, so we should, SHOULD, be able to RUN THE BALL EFFECTIVELY.

What I'd like to see: Running backs able to get out of the backfield without being swallowed whole by Colts linemen. Well-executed draw plays, smooth third-down conversions on the ground, gains of 6+ yards on first-down rushes, Sproles toss-sweeping his way to the end zone...all these things would be nice.


Safety Valve

Rather than go with the obvious "mistake-free Payton in the pressbox coaching day," I'm going to say here for the final Hot Read that the Saints need to HIT A BIG PLAY in order to win.

This has been missing since Week 4 @ Jacksonville (when Jimmy Graham had a 59-yard catch and run), and it would be sooo sweet to see the Saints drop a huge scoring play on the Colts at some point in the game. It can come early on to shock them into an early deficit, or just pop up during the third or fourth quarter when they're least expecting it.

What I'd like to see: I don't care how it comes, but I want to see a 50+ yard touchdown play. Ingram can rumble for 75 yards and a score on the second play of the game, or Devery can get behind the safety for a 63-yard scoring catch and run. Meachem, Moore, or Colston could do it, too. I don't care. Just do it. It could even be Sproles taking a punt return to the house. I just want to see a big scoring play that sucks the life out of the Colts.