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Colts @ Saints: Gameday Fleur-De-Links

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MilneMalbrough LSU uniforms look like a raver's glow stick come to life

Mark_Ingram28 Woowwww who's watching this MSU/Wisconsin game??!

ChaseDaniel  Did anyone just see the end to the Michigan State vs Wisconsin game?! That's the craziest ending I've ever seen! Hail Mary works!

GregRomeus91  Sick game.. Gotta love college football

Mark_Ingram28 Goodnight everybody, time to rest up. Tomorrow night can't come quick enough! Prayers up, blessings come down! #thankGod

JohnnyPatrick32 Goodnight everyone, big day tomorrow I'm bout to close my eyes and dream about making plays, but first watch my movie, (underworld)


Pierre_Thomas great ending in the michigan state / wisconsin game... #BigTENshowin out

Pierre_Thomas time to get some rest now...cant wait to be back at the dome tomorrow with the #WhoDatNation !!

drewbrees  Goodnight New Orleans. See you tomorrow night in the Superdome!

AlbertBreer  Here at Wembley, you see some tarped off seats. League had less time to sell tix this year, hence the issue

GregBensel Coach Payton thanks Ochsner and fans!

AlbertBreer Wembley field, which has caused NFL problems in past, is in great shape. About a year ago, they went to a hybrid turf that's 1/8 artificial.

AlbertBreer ... Feels very much, from walking it, like the hybrid turf they have at Lambeau.



From the Saints Sideline

Super Bowl XLIV rematch is missing two key participants: Peyton Manning and Sean Payton |
James Varney - Colts quarterback and Saints coach won't be on the playing field.

No Super matchup this time | The Advocate
Sheldon Mickles - An unfortunate injury has left the Indianapolis Colts a shell of the team that was the NFL’s model of consistency for a decade, posting double-digit wins in nine straight seasons and making two Super Bowl appearances - winning once.

New Orleans Saints defense is still not getting the high reward for the high risk |
Jeff Duncan - Unit isn't producing turnovers like it did in 2009.

Inside the game: New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts |
Mike Triplett - Stopping Dwight Freeney will be a key for the Saints.

Saints look to keep the Colts winless |
Brett Martel -- When Sean Payton showed up at Saints practice this week, he was moving about the field on a motorized cart with his broken left leg elevated.

Saints Make Roster Moves |
QB Sean Canfield replaces c Olin Kreutz on active roster. (CSC Shoutout to Dan Kelly for reporting this last night.)


No Peyton? No Wins. Hoosier Daddy? | Chef Who Dat
Check out this menu for tonight's game, from Chef Who Dat of the chic 649 Bistro (649 is the section his season tickets are in).



Colts Corral

More input for Painter |
Mike Chappell - Manning will be on sideline to offer observations on Saints defense.

Preview: Indianapolis Colts At New Orleans Saints | Stampede Blue
mgrex03 - 2011 NFL Week Seven Preview: Indianapolis Colts At New Orleans Saints.

More input for Painter |
Mike Chappell - Manning will be on sideline to offer observations on Saints defense.


V-Roll Roll Call