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Colts 7 @ Saints 62: The View from Section 140

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Anyone know if the Saints covered the spread in this nail-biter?

Seriously, though, their 62-7 win over Indianapolis was an absolute thing of beauty for Saints fans and probably enough to make you question your fanhood if your a Colts supporter. The Saints were damn near perfect in every facet of the game. They are also now in sole possession of first place in the NFC South.

In fact, if there are any negatives to take away from this drubbing, it's Mark Ingram's ankle injury and the fact that Pete Carmichael, Jr. just put out some pretty good tape for 31 other NFL front offices to watch when looking for a new head coach or coordinator.

Make the jump for the bullets. I only hope they're worthy. We'll keep this short and sweet.

  • I've got to admit, the Superdome did have a different feel outside as we walked up. The lighting on the Dome, in Champions Square and on the staircase leading up to the stadium were pretty cool at night. 
  • Even with all of the superficial improvements, the traffic flow in and around the Dome still kinda sucks. 
  • Darren Sproles led the pre-game Who Dat chat. Then he proceeded to kick some Colts ass, rushing for 88 yards and adding 19 more yards through the air, picking up two touchdowns on the way. I love that guy. 
  •  It looked as if Curtis Painter ran the offense like Peyton Manning, calling plays at the line and making tons of adjustments.
  • Sean Payton is not allowed to coach from the sidelines ever again.
  • Proponents of balanced play calling will be happy with the Saints 52%/48% run-to-pass ratio. Honestly, you think it would be more in such a blowout. 
  • Talk about improvement in the red zone. The Saints were 7/8 (87%) in the red zone and 5/6 (83%) in goal-to-go situations.  
  • The halftime performance was the Southern University marching band. 
  • The Saints scored on their first nine possessions. Thomas Morstead wasn't needed to punt until late in the 4th quarter. 
  • Jimmy Graham didn't record a record fifth straight 100+ receiving yard game. He sucks. 
  • Can't find much fault in a defense that comes up with two fumble recoveries and a pick six while only allowing seven points. More pressure from the front seven perhaps?
  • The crowd really thinned out by the 4th quarter. 
  • The big question I'm sure we'll all debate this week is whether or not the Colts just really suck or if the Saints are really this good. I'm thinking it's probably a little of both. From this win we might not be able to prove with absolutely certainty that the Saints are a great football team but we know they definitely aren't a bad one. 
  • Maybe the black pants aren't so bad after all?