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Colts 7 @ Saints 62: Game Ball of the Week

Last week the Saints played so poorly, I didn't really want to give out a game ball. They lost to the Buccaneers courtesy of a total team meltdown. This week, it's just the opposite. Their dominating 62-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts was thanks to great play from nearly everyone. For that reason, I'd love to give our game ball to the entire Saints team.

After all, they deserve it. The offense played incredible, scoring on their first nine drives, being near perfect in the red zone, running a balanced offense and dominating time of possession. On the other side, the defense capitalized on turnovers and kept the Colts contained all night. You've seen the gaudy stats already, I'm sure.

But if I have to give this week's game ball to one person. Like, really, really had to, I'd probably give it to offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael, Jr. In his debut as play caller, Pistol Pete rocked the headset. He did such a great job, in fact, and his transition into his temporary role was so seamless that some players didn't even know he was the one calling plays. Sean Payton who?

Really and truly, the entire Saints organization deserves a pat on the back for such an impressive showing, regardless of opponent. But it's most comforting to know that any potential hazards that might come from the recent injury to coach Payton shouldn't be a problem at all for the team this season.