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Saints @ Rams: Interview with the Enemy

Time to get to know the Saints next opponent just a little better by chatting with the SB Nation blogger for that team. This week, that's 3k from the Rams blog Turf Show Times. Check out his answers to my questions and keep in mind the Bradford question was asked before he was officially ruled out yesterday. 


Canal Street Chronicles:  What's the status of Sam BradfordDo you think he is going to play this weekend? Will it matter?

Turf Show Times: Not looking good. If I had to guess, he'll probably sit because of your last question - no. It does not matter if the Rams go Bill and Ted style and take a phone booth back in time to get John Elway at his peak and play him on this team. So even if Sam's at 90%, I don't see him playing on Sunday, and I kind of hope that's the case.

CSC:  Why haven't the Rams lived up to expectations this season? Is it simply all the injuries?

TST:  It's difficult to pinpoint. Sure, injuries (especially at CB) have hamstrung this team that was already a limited team. But there have been sooooo many mistakes and such poor play from people who are either being paid at a level where that is unacceptable or have played at a higher level in previous years. So while injuries never help, the Rams' problems are deeper and more comprehensive. Poor personnel means the front office deserves some blame. The frequency (and magnitude) of mistakes as well as the lack of talent development lies with the coaching staff. And poor execution obviously is on the players. You can't have as many issues as we have and say it's just because of injuries.

CSC:  In a season filled with disappointment, who/what has been a bright spot for Rams fans?

TST:  There's honestly not much to pick from here. I'll go with James Laurinaitis. He's easily the most consistent, most reliable member of our defense, and much like Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson, you have to have some sympathy for a talented guy who plays on such bad teams and does it with class. He deserves better.

CSC:  What do you think will be the most important matchup in this game?

TST:  The 8-headed hydra of your passing offense versus our wet sponge of a pass D. Or maybe we're used Kleenex. Or old panties. I don't even know anymore. But we tried throwing everyone into pass coverage last week, allowing DeMarco Murray to achieve a Cowboys' single-game rushing record. I say again, DeMarco Murray. A rookie who prior to that game had run the ball 25 times in 5 games for just 73 yards. Against the Rams, he matched those 25 carries, but instead ran for 253 yards eclipsing Emmitt Smith's highest totals as a Cowboy. The extent of how bad we are and the ways we find to achieve said level of bad are at the same time unpredictable, unbelievable and unenjoyable.


CSC:  Complete this sentence: Every time the Rams ______ I want to gouge my eyes out with a dull and rusty spoon.

TST:  Make a mistake? Come out of the huddle? Play football? All are acceptable.


CSC:  Bonus: Care to make a prediction? 

TST:  You're mean. No, I guess I kind of have to. I'll go with 45-10 Rams and the collapse of modern civilization. Both are equally likely.