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Fantasy Football 2011: Saints Sleeper of the Week

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It's becoming difficult to come up with a different Saints fantasy football sleeper for these sponsored posts each week. Let's face it, by their very nature sleepers are incredibly difficult to pinpoint in advance. Hence the term.

So I find myself having to think outside of the bun box when choosing the Saints player I deem to be a sleeper. That's why this week I'm going with running back Chris Ivory. Fresh off the PUP list and barely having played at all this season, Ivory is about as deep a sleeper as they come. We're talking REM sleep here. But I figure what the hell. Somewhere out there is a Saints fan so desperate for a running back to fill in for their starter on a bye in his/her 20-team league that they're actually considering pulling the trigger on Ivory.

Sure, 'Tusk' may need a bit more time to get up to game speed, but the Rams are just full of suck. They are dead last in the league at stopping the run. So if there was ever an opponent against which Ivory could get his feet wet, the Rams would be the team. Just as Chris Ivory quickly burst onto the NFL scene last year, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if his first game out of the gate was a stellar one.  

Plus, the Saints are coming off a matchup in which they actually ran the ball more than they passed; balance is alive and well within the Saints offensive play calling right now. And if the Saints put a hurting on St. Louis just as they did against Indianapolis last week, Ivory is sure to pick up some garbage time in the 4th quarter.

So if you're incredibly desperate for a running back this week, think about Ivory. Don't make me say I told you so.