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Fantasy Football 2011: Saints Sleeper of the Week

It's time to talk a little fantasy football in a new series of weekly sponsored posts we're starting tonight and carrying on through the season. And today, we're talking about a potential sleeper pick on the Saints.

This week I think the Saints' fantasy football sleeper is actually going to be the defense. Surprise! They're facing off against a rookie quarterback in Cam Newton, who may be throwing for a ton of yardage, but has also thrown five interceptions in the first four games of the season. I fully expect Gregg Williams' complex scheme to take advantage of the rookie quarterback, worrying and confusing him throughout the game with pressure and forcing multiple interceptions on the back end. And in fantasy football, interceptions equal points.

If you're stuck with a defense on a bye week and need a quick fix, you might want to think about your very own boys in Black & Gold to pinch hit for the week. Am I right or am I right?