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Giants 24 @ Saints 49: Who Dat Say!?



Well, the Saints easily doubled up the New York Giants last night, 49-24, bringing their season record to 8-3. This win over the Giants also puts the Saints Monday Night Football record at a sterling 8-2 under Sean Payton, which bodes well for our next MNF game against the Atlanta Falcons on December 26. The Saints last lost on MNF to the Minnesota Vikings way back in 2008 in an epic shootout for the ages.

Make the jump to dig into all the post-game stories, quotes and videos I could find. Enjoy your Tuesday, folks!! I know I will, and something that's nice is that after 15 days of no Saints football, we have just six days until the Saints lace 'em up again to play the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night is Football Night.

Giants vs Saints coverage

Giants vs Saints recap

Giants vs Saints boxscore

New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints |
NFL Football Recap: Final statistics from the New York vs. New Orleans game played on November 28, 2011. Includes play-by-play, drive charts, photos.

Saints Dominate Giants for 49-24 Win |
Staff Report

Saints steamroll Giants in 49-24 prime time win |
Bradley Handwerger - New Orleans pounded New York 49-24 on Monday Night Football, sending the reeling NFC East Giants back to the Northeast likely wondering where another season went wrong.

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From the Saints Sideline

Chris Ivory was the odd running back out Monday night for New Orleans Saints|
Nakia Hogan - Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram all contribute.

New York Giants have no answer for Drew Brees |
Peter Finney - Saints quarterback passes for 363 yards, four TDs.

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Jeff Duncan - Giants couldn't stop Drew Brees, Saints.

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John DeShazier - Two forced turnovers were game-changers.

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Sheldon Mickles - After spending most of the 2010 season futilely chasing the Atlanta Falcons in the race for the NFC South title, the New Orleans Saints were determined not to let it happen again.

Primetime players | The Advocate
Staff Report - Playing at home in primetime seems to bring out the best in the New Orleans Saints under sixth-year coach Sean Payton.

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Bradley Handwerger - For what could be the first time in Drew Brees’ life as a New Orleans Saints savior, he failed to do something he set his mind to.

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Pat Y. - Thoughts on the New Orleans Saints' 49-24 win against the New York Giants on Monday night at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

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Pat Y. - Maybe the reason Drew Brees is such a good quarterback is because he can see things the rest of us can't.

Saints Postgame Notes |
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Grading the New Orleans Saints offense against the New York Giants |
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Grading the New Orleans Saints defense against the New York Giants |
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Grading the New Orleans Saints special teams against the New York Giants |
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Grading the New Orleans Saints coaching against the New York Giants |
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Start Spreading the News

Brees and Saints Have Their Way Against Giants |
Sam Borden - The Giants lost their third game in a row, falling to the Saints and quarterback Drew Brees and furthering thoughts of another late-season collapse by a team that has endured them in the past.

No Consistent Running Game for the Giants |
Sam Borden - For the second straight week, the Giants failed to establish any sort of running game, as Brandon Jacobs led the Giants' rushers with just 46 yards on 13 carries.

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Dan Graziano - A couple of thoughts on the overmatched New York Giants' third loss in a row.

Giants just aren't built to win - NFC East Blog |
Dan Graziano - There was absolutely nothing the New York Giants could do.


Post-Game Quotes


"Obviously, it was a big win for us. I thought our guys came off sharp off the bye. Like any game, it wasn't perfect. We had a lot of penalties. We'll have a chance to watch the tape and try to get some of those things corrected, but I thought all three aspects; defense, kicking game and offensively, we did a real good job. It was an important win for us to get to eight. Starting this next stretch of the season after the bye week we felt like this was going to be a tough opponent coming in with the two losses they've had prior to our game. I thought our players handled the schedule well and I was pleased with the win."

(on Drew Brees) "It's that confidence that players around him have, and obviously, we have in him. I've said this before about Drew; he's his own worst critic and he is as hard on himself as anyone else could possibly be. The time he has been in our system, we're on year six now and he's throwing the ball with great rhythm and anticipation. He would tell you that we are doing a good job of protecting, we had the balance we're looking for in November and December; I thought we ran it well tonight, we ran it very well. Those are all things that are good allies for a quarterback, but he made some fantastic throws tonight."

(on drive at end of first half) "The ball's on the 20, and there's times where we're going to be smart with the sequence, there is a big play in that drive if I'm not mistaken that gains about 388 yards and all of the sudden it really changes how you approach it. Drew understands that; he understands the situation, and when we are sending the play in it's with the mindset we are going to be smart. What you're kind of looking for is a play that brings you near midfield, and all of the sudden we got that and ended up capitalizing on it."

(on if having a QB like Drew Brees changes certain situations) "Yes, absolutely, but you're over a minute. I think when you get down in the 30 second range, each scenario is different, but to answer the question, yes. There's a confidence we have in that he understands the situation, and he understands the significance. We try to gain as many possessions as we can and we still felt we had enough time on the clock. You start a drill like that for a play, maybe a field goal, and we just had enough big plays that we ended up scoring."

(on Jimmy Graham) "He is a big part of what we do. You saw the last third of the season last year, you saw him really come on. He is a big factor for is in the red area. He's got very good hands. He's tough. With all the athleticism and the talent he has, he's very intelligent and he is an extremely dedicated worker. Those special players have all of those things. He's a young player that keeps getting better and we are excited for him. You can see the confidence that Drew has in him and that his teammates have in him."

(on what ways the team is better than opening week) "I think we have found balance. It's a long season, and the thing we try to do as best we can is just trying to improve and win each week and win each day at practice. There is a lot that goes into that. We felt like early in the season we hadn't played the red zone as well as we'd like to defensively and offensively, but this last month or so it's been an area that we have gotten better at it. You have go to take a win like tonight and be critical of yourself and look at some of the things that we need to correct. The minute you stop doing that I think you start going the other direction."



(on score at end of first half) "I think we feel very comfortable and confident in the two-minute drill. I think it does a lot for your psyche.

"I think what it comes down to is we have a lot of confidence and we play very aggressive. We put a value on going down and getting points. Is there risk involved? Yes. When you do it as much as we do with the mentality we do, you make it part of the way you operate.

(more on end of first half) "It's huge. They come out and score the first possession of the second half. Instead of being 14-10, it's 21-10.

(on dunk attempt after rushing TD) "I knew I was going to get some flak for that. I deserve it. I can dunk it. Pull up Miami '09. I've been telling Jimmy (Graham) and the rest of the guys that I've got a dunk coming. I don't know when's the next opportunity I'll get to do this. Right as I went off one leg, I didn't quite get the oomph I was hoping for, so it turned into a finger roll.

(comparisons to 2009) "I feel like we have the opportunity to be better. We're not there yet. As I look at our guys, we have a lot of guys from that '09 team. The guys we've added - Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram - not too shabby.

"I expect perfection. I understand that's impossible to achieve. Deep down, I know there's some things I can do better.

"After tomorrow, we have to put this thing behind us and it's on to Detroit. There's never a time to rest and never a dull moment.


"Things were just cooking tonight. Anything we tried, it seemed to work.

"We really talked about winning the month of November. That's something we really focused on. We did a great job with that. Now it's the next step. For us, it's just one game at a time.

"I'm doing all right. I'm figuring it out, but I've still got a long way to go. I'm definitely learning. Drew's a big part of that, just helping me to learn at a much faster pace."


"Gregg (Williams) has confidence in me. Playing the nickel is a difficult position. A receiver only has so many routes, but the slot guy can use all over the field. It's just a testament of the confidence that Greg and the rest of the defensive coaches has in me. I just have to accept that challenge."

"Coming in week and in week out we want to win the turnover battle. We are near the bottom in the interceptions on the season. You want to finish on the positive end each game. That's what we strive to do week in and week out and that's what we did tomight."


(on INT) "It's one of those opportunities that you hope to get in the game. My number was called. We had pressure coming off the strong side. I think they ran a go vertical route. I was matched up with the tight end and made the play."

"I think that we were very prepared. Going in we had some good tips as far as knowing run/pass downs. From what I saw, they held true. Our defensive coaches did a great job. They give us a ton of information on Tuesday and we spend our free time processing it. We had one that we'd like to get back at the end. For the most part, we held true."


"It feels good. We'll enjoy it tonight, but we'll get right back to work tomorrow. That is definitely how our offense should roll. Any guy could have a big night. Fortunately, it was me early in the game and Jimmy (Graham) later in the game. Drew Brees is the guy that makes us go. As long as he is back there calling plays and making those throws than we have a chance."

(on TD at end of first half) "It's one of those situations where we felt like we have enough time. Drew is the guy running the show back there. He was in Coach Payton's ear saying let's go. We made those plays and scored right before the half."

* * *


"Our players were very serious about their preparation. We did a good job these last couple of days of continuing to study. Obviously, we had a tough time stopping them. I am responsible for two of those scores (by the Saints). The rookie fumbled, giving the ball up. And going for it on fourth down because we basically had to. I knew they (the Saints) would try to score. They did.

(on the Saints) "They're good. They're talented. They do a good job of moving the ball around. The quarterback does a good job of getting the ball out of his hands. We gave up far too many points, obviously.

(on turnovers) "We had two turnovers. We took seven points down from us and gave them seven points with the turnover. I tried to challenge on a whim that he was down before the ball came out. They ruled that they saw the ball moving. We got a little production out of the run. We got a lot of production out of the pass.

(on Saints offense) "We weren't able to cover them. They put themselves in position with simple little throws. They beat us in the flat a couple of times. And (they beat us) down the sideline. They have good personnel and they distribute it."

(on the effort of the team) "They tried. They tried. We didn't get to the passer (Drew Brees). When we don't get to the passer, we have trouble. That is, quite frankly, what I indicated to you in the Rams game. We knocked the quarterback down 15 times in that game. Pretty much you have to do that (to win)."


(on first INT) "The defender just made a good play. We had the right play called down the seam and I threw it up there and the defender made a great play on the ball."

"This game I felt we got off good. We were driving and moving the ball good but then they made a good play in the end zone on the turnover. But overall we moved the ball well. We are getting the ball into scoring position but we are just making mistakes. We are having a drop, a missed throw - just different things that are costing us points. We know when you have an opportunity to score points on a team like the Saints you've got to do it; you can't go backwards.

"We know their offense is high powered. And we knew coming in we were going to have to score and not turned the ball over and play good offensively and have some long drives. We did that to an extent and we moved the ball and we got some first downs. But we just couldn't finish and that hurt us in the end.

"We can't get down and we can't get frustrated. We have to figure out how to bounce back. We know we've lost three straight games and we know we have a short week and a big game coming up. These last five games for us are big and will determine our season. We just need to figure out how to play better football than what we are doing right now."


"There's not much we can do about the final outcome now. We came down here to win a game and we didn't. All we can do is prepare for another great opponent next week."


"This loss is real tough, but we have to understand there's a lot of football to be played. We still have a great chance to get ourselves in position for the playoffs. We can't get too down on ourselves because we have another tough opponent to play next week."


"It's tough because we know in the back of everyone's head they are going to say what's wrong with the Giants after three straight losses. But for us, we look forward to the next game because we feel like it's the playoffs right now. We aren't going to sit here and feel sorry for ourselves. We are going to go out there and fight. "


V-Roll Roll Call

Video: Giants vs. Saints highlights |
The Saints put on a show in New Orleans with a 49-24 route of the Giants behind Drew Brees' 363 passing yards and 5 total touchdowns.

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Saints QB Drew Brees apologizes to "his royal airness" Michael Jordan for his failed attempt at dunking the football over the goalpost after scoring on a nine-yard touchdown run.

Video: Offense may be best it's been in Brees era |
When asked if this is the most talented offensive team since he's been with the Saints, wide receiver Lance Moore said, "I'd have to say it is."

Video: Saints found '09 rhythm in win |
Saints running back Pierre Thomas on the win over the Giants and how the balanced attack and rhythm felt like the 2009 Super Bowl squad.