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Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, November 5

My apologies today, Saints fans, as I have not been able to access either or wwl radio's site (I tried both my browsers - Firefox and Safari), so please go to those sites yourself if you wish to see what they have to offer... 



Harp41 Roman Harper Roll Tide Roll!!!! Watch them boys show out tonight!!! Me and my Lil bra reppin hard down here ya heard me!!

JohnnyPatrick32 Johnny Patrick It's a beautiful day in new Orleans.. What's up?

JohnnyPatrick32 Johnny Patrick Bama or lsu tonight?

Mark_Ingram28 Mark Ingram Happy the family in town, spend time with them now, then watch the tide roll to victory later!!! ROOOOLLLLL TIDE ROOLLLL!!!!

JohnnyPatrick32 Johnny Patrick Man, all these lsu fans... Lol no one has faith in bama, I'm gonna go with them for tonight...

Mark_Ingram28 Mark Ingram Bryant-Denny bout to be jumpin tonight!! Gonna b sooo loud!!! #BestFans #BAMANATION

Mark_Ingram28 Mark Ingram If you not for Bama it's in your best interest not to hit my phone up today!!!

Mark_Ingram28 Mark Ingram At some places they play football. At Alabama, We live it.

camjordan94 cameron jordan Cravin #sunraygrill I called las night after watching an Norman and watching some film on Tampa and they were closed Smh lost track of time

JonVilma51 Jonathan Vilma Cane updates please...

JonVilma51 Jonathan Vilma I really it's 0-0 goin into the 1st qtr lol. Thanks

Mark_Ingram28 Mark Ingram Sittin here chillin with my grandma, priceless moments...

MilneMalbrough Ralph Malbrough @ @AndrewJuge Longest Friday ever waiting for a game? I need this on my TV right now!

MilneMalbrough Ralph Malbrough Because YOU NEED LSU/Alabama now not Saturday night. 1982 highlights when LSU beat the Bear:


From the Saints Sideline

Foes rush past Saints ‘D’ | The Advocate
Brian Alle-Walsh - Eight games do not make a season, but opponents appear to have the New Orleans Saints defense on the run.

Carmichael and Williams Preview Bucs Contest |
GW and PCJrs press conferences from Friday.

Saints defensive coordinator says QB Brees constantly plays with chip on shoulder |
Bradley Handwerger - There’s a certain symbiosis inside an NFL locker room between the media and the players.

Saints LB Vilma says he ‘feels good enough to play’; RB Ingram out |
Bradley Handwerger - Running back Mark Ingram will miss his second straight game after missing every practice the past two weeks.

Checking injuries that don't matter - NFC South Blog |
Pat Y. - getting a little cute with his form...

Saints coach Payton tells Tampa Bay’s Freeman to take splint off on TV |
Bradley Handwerger - Sean Payton has one bit of advice for anyone facing the Saints who might have an injury and goes on national TV. (HansDat note: We could be heading for another post-game no handshake fight!!! Oh boy, is this GREAT!!!)

Game Preview: Saints vs. Buccaneers |
The New Orleans Saints, in sole possession of the NFC South lead at 5-3 at the season’s midway point, will host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-3) tomorrow at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Saints-Buccaneers Broadcast Information |
Emilio Peralta y Marco Garcia - Los Santos en espanol - Quien Es Eso?!


From the Crow's Nest

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman's bandaged thumb catches attention of New Orleans Saints | St. Petersburg Times
Stephen F. Holder - The Bucs have faced some scrutiny since Thursday's revelation that QB Josh Freeman sustained a minor sprain of his right thumb but was not previously included on the team's injury report.

'Foolish' penalties irk Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris | St. Petersburg Times
Rick Stroud - The record will show the Bucs have lost games to the Lions, 49ers and Bears this season. But the truth is they've beaten themselves.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Quincy Black has been hardened by life | St. Petersburg Times
Rick Stroud - Growing up poor on the south side of Chicago, Quincy Black learned to adapt. If the water was too cold for a shower, he'd warm it up in the coffee pot.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been very inconsistent | St. Petersburg Times
Gary Shelton - They are a good football team. Sometimes. (HansDat note: this sounds familiar...wonder whose inconsistencies will hurt whom this week?)

Reinforcements on the Way |
The bye week has apparently served the Buccaneers well, as they are looking forward to the possible returns of several key players from injury on both offense and defense.

Let the Race Begin |
The NFC South is as tight as it has ever been at the season’s midpoint, and Tampa Bay and New Orleans will start the second-half chase with their second meeting in just a few weeks

Discomfort Zone |
Friday practice notes.


V-Roll Roll Call

Video: Playbook: Buccaneers vs Saints |
What does it take to topple the Tampa Two? Drew Brees breaks it down on the board, with the help of Joe Theismann and Sterling Sharpe. (HansDat note: good stuff here.)

Video: Match-Up: Saints vs Buccaneers |

Video: Buccaneers vs. Saints Preview |