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Fantasy Football 2011: Saints Sleeper of the Week

You know who's flown under the radar so far this season? The black pants. That's right, the cursed black leggings are a perfect 1-0 this season for the Saints. While one win might not sound too impressive, keep in mind that single victory was their Sunday night 62-7 drubbing of the Colts; a near flawless game.

Sure, the black pants have gotten a bum rap the past few seasons for being ugly and pajama-like, in addition to bringing the team bad luck, but perhaps it's time to revisit the issue and rethink the whole situation. Maybe, just maybe, the curse has been reversed and instead of bringing bad mojo to the Saints on game day, they bring good fortune.

Unfortunately, the Saints are wearing their throwback uniforms today, which include those ugly yellow pants, so they'll get no help from the football gods and this information will do your fantasy team no good right now. But the next time the Saints decide to go with the black pants this season, be not afraid anymore Who Dats and be sure to start every Saints player you've got on your roster..