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Fantasy Football 2011: Saints Sleeper of the Week

You know who has been really quiet on the football field lately? Devery Henderson. The Saints wide receiver has been a relative non-factor lately with only 11 catches and no touchdowns in the last 9 games after starting the season surprisingly strong. But that shouldn't be surprising to fans, who ought to know by now how the Saints wide receiver rotation works, and that's the fact that we don't know how it works or which receiver will step up on any given game day. One Sunday it might be Robert Meachem coming up big, the next it could be Lance Moore.

Given that formula and the simple fact that Henderson is long overdue for another productive game, I'd say the odds are good that today's matchup versus the Titans could be that game. There's really no other rhyme or reason to my opinion of course. No stats, just gut feeling.

So if you've been fortunate enough to make the playoffs in your fantasy league this year and got an open wide receiver slot you don't know what to do with, think about your boy Devery.