Mike Carey and his crew SUCK!

I know what you're thinking. Here's a Saints homer who is pissed off that the calls didn't go the way of his team today. I admit that that may be true to a certain degree, but damn this game was excruciating to watch. The Saints not only beat the Titans but also barely beat the Zebras. Those flag happy bastards deserve to be laid out naked over a mound of fire ants. NFL officiating has become so inconsistent that it's virtually impossible to know what and what not warrants a flag these days. Teams have to spend almost as much time scouting the officiating crew as they do the teams they play. This uncertainty is severely affecting my enjoyment of the NFL experience.

Carey and his crew were too ticky tack with their laundry. Even some of the flags and ball spots they called against the Titans looked questionable. It even looked to me like Jake Locker converted that 4th and 1 play towards the end of the game. After all of the other frustrating calls this crew made against the Saints today (Really Mike? No Jimmy Graham TD after the review? F***!!), I'm surprised that one actually went our way.

It was impossible to get excited at any time during this game. After every play good or bad, all I could do was just wait for a flag to fly. Some of the flags seemed to fly way after the play was over. Neither the Saints or the Titans are teams that commit a lot of penalties or at least not as many as got called on them today. What is it going to take for the NFL to find some consistency with their officiating? Games like today, even though it ultimately ended well for my team, make me want to walk away from the NFL. Teams should only have to play each other and not the refs!

F*** you, Mike!

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