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Saints 22 @ Titans 17: Top 5 Defensive Plays

Defensive Play #1 - Stuffing Locker

4th Quarter

4-1-NO 24 - (2:32) 10-J.Locker up the middle to NO 24 for no gain (92-S.Rogers)


Down by just five points late in the fourth quarter, the Titans offense was on the move and quickly approaching the red zone. But the Saints defense stiffened, forcing the Titans into 4th and inches. When Jake Locker attempted to sneak over the line, the Saints came up with the big stuff and got the ball back.

Defensive Play #2 - Penultimate Porter

4th Quarter

2-5-NO 5 - (:07) (Shotgun) 10-J.Locker pass incomplete short left to 83-M.Mariani (22-T.Porter)


On 2nd and goal with seconds remaining, the Titans had a chance to go for the win. Locker tossed a quick slant over the middle into the end zone. But Porter was on the receiver like white on rice, quickly batting the ball down.

Defensive Play #3 - Porter's Polemic Pop

4th Quarter

1-10-NO 33 - (3:24) (Shotgun) 10-J.Locker sacked at NO 41 for -8 yards (22-T.Porter). FUMBLES (22-T.Porter), RECOVERED by NO-53-R.Humber at NO 33. 53-R.Humber, dead ball declared at NO 33 for no gain. Tennessee challenged the incomplete pass ruling, and the play was REVERSED. (Shotgun) 10-J.Locker pass incomplete to 17-D.Williams (22-T.Porter) [22-T.Porter]. TEN-10-J.Locker was injured during the play. His return is Probable


Was his arm moving forward? Was it a fumble? Regardless, Tracy Porter got a nice, clean shot on Jake Locker that knocked him out of the game for a play.

Defensive Play #4 - Last Second Sack

4th Quarter

3-5-NO 5 - (:05) (Shotgun) 10-J.Locker sacked at NO 8 for -3 yards (56-J.Dunbar)


The Titans had one final shot to get into the end zone and pull off the upset. Linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar, however, was right on top of Jake Locker when he saw his receivers well covered and decided to scramble.

Defensive Play #5 - Smith's Second Down Shut-Down

4th Quarter

2-10-TEN 20 - (11:59) (Shotgun) 10-J.Locker sacked at TEN 11 for -9 yards (91-W.Smith)

After taking the lead back with a touchdown pass to Marques Colston, Will Smith's 9-yard sack on the ensuing drive forced a Titans three and out. The Saints would score another touchdown on a Marques Colston catch and pull away for good on the next drive.