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Fantasy Football 2011: Saints Sleeper of the Week

No-catching mother f******
No-catching mother f******

If you're lucky enough to be playing in a meaningful fantasy football matchup this week, you'll want to pay close attention to the knowledge I'm about to drop on you. This is our final fantasy football Sleeper of the Week series of sponsored posts and we'll end the series exactly the way we started it: with the Saints defense.

I might have been a little wrong back then but I'm on to something this time around. I can just feel it. That's right, I'm suggesting that you start the Saints defense on your fantasy football roster if you've still got that defensive spot open. Like a fine wine, this defense seems to be getting slightly better as this season has progressed.

I'm also playing the odds and assuming the Saints defensive backs are going to start catching some balls for once this season. Since we all know that when it rains it pours, I'm expecting this unit to finally become a turnover creating machine. In fantasy football, that means points.

So now is the time to take a chance, pull the trigger and cash in on good timing.