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What Up With Dat?: Monday Night Football Edition


Below are answers to just some of this weeks reader question submitted Thursday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.

Do you think we'll end up with the 2 seed? - Dan K.

Unfortunately, I think that ship may have sailed. The 49ers just beat Seattle on Saturday and have only one more game left against the Rams. I don't see them losing that one, meaning they'll lock up that No. 2 seed and first round bye.

Last summer and for like two weeks of this season many saints fans were afflicted with Ingrammania. It was a costly disorder that resulted in losing 2012 draft picks. Now that the regular season is waning, I want to know if Ingrammania was worth it? Ingram has produced few touchdowns and minimal yardage. He looks small and slow to me. Let me know what y'all think? - Xen C.

By "few touchdowns" did you mean his team-leading five rushing touchdowns? And when you say "minimal yardage" are you referring to the 474 yards that put him just five shy of Pierre Thomas? I understand you may not have been thrilled with the move the Saints made this summer to trade up and grab Mark Ingram in the draft but you can't let that cloud your perception of reality. Because the reality is, Mark Ingram has been playing just fine in his rookie season. He's not putting up earth-shattering numbers simply because the Saints run a healthy rotation in their backfield; neither Ingram, Sproles, Thomas or Ivory are required to carry the entire load by themselves. But if he were used as a primary back, I have no doubt Ingram would be making headlines across the league. Head coach Sean Payton said himself that he is the only thing keeping Mark Ingram from being Rookie of the Year. I believe him.

How awesome are your cohosts on Da Chronic Podcast? - Kevin H.

Those dudes are complete douchebags. Next question...

Do you think the Saints are dirty? And if they are, do you give a damn? - Breesus C.

Honestly, I don't think the Saints are dirtier than most other teams in the NFL. It's a bit silly that they've slowly developed that reputation. Given all the recent rule changes, it's certainly not hard to appear dirty. But if I did think they played dirty, I certainly wouldn't give a damn.

What made you choose Tulane as your source for higher education? It was the football program, wasn't it? - Hans D.

It had nothing to do with the football program, I can assure you that. When I was in 7th grade I took a trip with my parents to New Orleans during my winter break. I was pretty well traveled for a kid my age so New Orleans certainly wasn't the first place I'd ever visited but for some reason I fell in love with the look, feel, culture and attitude of the city more than any other place else I'd ever been. To put it simply, it was as if I had lived here in a previous life and my soul had finally returned home.

So as I watched the Krewe of Caesar roll along Veterans Blvd. later on our trip and soaked in the wonders of Mardi Gras, I told my mother I wanted to live in New Orleans. She responded by telling me the first chance I would ever have to move out and live elsewhere would be college. I promptly told her that I wanted to go to college in New Orleans and inquired as to the best collegiate institution within city limits, to which she replied Tulane. So I proclaimed, "I'm going to Tulane." In the fall of 1999 I started my first semester, graduating in the spring of 2003. Now I ride in the Krewe of Caesar every year.

Que ferez-vous si les saints sont l'un et fait dans les éliminatoires? - Dr. W.D.

Arrêtez ce blog et tuer moi-même.

What did you get the missus for xmas. If your reply is: pots and pans, an apron or a vacuum you are in trouble. Question Number Two: How is the process of impending fatherhood treating you.- Cory G.

I got off pretty easy this year. Earlier this year my wife wanted a moderately expensive rug for our living room. To convince me that we should purchase it, she allowed it to be her Christmas gift. So I've just got her a few other little things for her stocking, mostly from Sephora. She gives me a list and makes it very easy.

As for impending fatherhood, I am incredibly stoked as you'd imagine. Erin is doing great and baby is healthy. I cannot wait to get started!

Why don't you make a weekly prediction? - Hans D.

You're not paying close enough attention. At the end of our podcast each week Ralph, Kevin and myself always give our predictions for the upcoming game.

What is the craziest shirt request you have gotten? -Michael M.

I get a lot so I will just tell you the most recent one of which I can think. I just embroidered a Saints snuggy this week with the phrase, "That bitch next door" for a customer giving it to his neighbor as a Christmas gift.