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Drew Brees Says Payton's Move to Dallas is a 'Non-Issue'

ESPN "shot the breeze" with Mr. Brees today to mostly discuss his role on the President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition. Of course, the interview had to eventually come to what many in New Orleans have been talking about all week - Coach Payton's residency move to Dallas. I think most of us have grown weary of this topic, so maybe we can leave it alone after today. I just wanted to highlight Brees' take on it as a way of putting it to bed, at least for now.

MJ: And what was your reaction to Sean Payton becoming a Dallas citizen?

Drew Brees: It's a non-issue. I think everyone wants to immediately jump to conclusions and all of them are so untrue. The first of which is his family and him are having problems. No, that's not the case at all. The other one is he's taking a job with the Dallas Cowboys. No, not true either. People want to immediately jump to conclusions as to why he's bought a home in Dallas but most players and coaches in the league have a home base, a place where they're either from or where they spent a lot of time before so they have a solid foundation. There's not a guy who's more committed to his team and the city of New Orleans than Sean Payton. I think he's proven that.

If anyone should know what's really going on with this Dallas move, it's Drew Brees. He says it's a non-issue and that's good enough for me.