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Fleur-de-Links: February 11, 2011


Not surprising, the game most Saints fans are anticipating in 2011 is the last 2 Super Bowl Champs facing off at Lambeau Field!

New Orleans Saints
Saints Fans Social Media Poll on Most-Anticipated ’11 Opponent: GB 38%, ATL 20%, IND 18%, CHI 14%, Other 10%
New Orleans Saints
1,511 fans responded yesterday to "Which team are you looking forward to seeing the Saints play most next season?" Results next tweet

Alex James Brown
RT @: Lets make it happen!!! RT @: I want to go to BJs and get the beer sampler, spin dip, with pizza/ fat BOY!! Lol

New Orleans Saints
Brees talks with @ about his work promoting youth fitness, "elite" QBs & Coach Payton

Renee Watroba
by HeathEvans
I'm developing a hand sanitizer that only kills the 00.01% of germs that the others can't kill. I'm going to make a fortune! : )

New Orleans Saints
Last day to vote for Shorty Awards (Best in Twitter).Vote here & say why you love the Saints to keep us in the top-6!

Lance Moore
Feels good to relax on the couch w my feet up for a minute. Won't last long tho

Reggie Bush
Wow the President of Egypt steps down! What a historic day for them...

Pierre Thomas
RT @ Was this the catch of the year? @ might think so.... ----> Def catch of the year!

Alex James Brown
I would say EAS product cause their approved by the NFL. RT @: @ what do you think is a good weight loss supplement??

Drew Brees
Playing in Pebble Beach Pro Am this weekend. Beautiful weather up here. Playing with Mark Wilson. I think we have a shot

Reggie Bush
At the Black Eyed Peas Concert watching Earth Wind and Fire perform! Old school! This before y'all time right here!!!!

jonathan goodwin
Man I wish I could take pics of the stuff I'm seeing ratnah!



New Orleans Saints reader comment: Media playing 'Katrina card' in Sean Payton saga, not fans |
"I am sick of hearing the "Katrina" this and that, during every game for the past few years. The city has moved on. Yes, it was a horrible situation that shouldn't be forgotten, but come on, all because you and the media have to bring up the disaster during every game and broadcast, doesn't mean the people from New Orleans are pulling the victim card. You are the ones keeping this going, not the average citizen from Louisiana. So don't assume we are pulling the victim card because everyone else who isn't from the area has to bring it up during every game to try to be liked more or want to make a conversation more interesting. The commentators and media make everyone else in the country think we try to use Katrina as an excuse for everything.

We should be grateful to Sean Payton: A letter to the editor |
Sean Payton gave this city and our area a Super Bowl title. And he did it with style, showing guts and character. We can now buy license plates that say "World Champions." He owes us nothing. We owe him a ton. Coleman Organ Mandeville



Lombardi Trophy & Lewis to Greet Fans at Airport

Grand jury will decide if charges will be filed against New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith |
Smith was arrested in Lafayette on Nov. 27

New Orleans Saints waive running back P.J. Hill, fullback Marcus Mailei |
Both players spent last season on injured reserve

New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins recovering well |
'I just have a drive to want to be the best'

Drew Brees participates in AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am |
New Orleans Saints QB partnered with pro Mark Wilson

Slideshow: New Orleans Saints' Malcolm Jenkins visits Madisonville Elementary |
Students, safety take part in 'Moo Dat' campaign



NFL Releases Statement on CBA - Feb. 10
"Despite the inaccurate characterizations of yesterday’s meeting, out of respect to the collective bargaining process and our negotiating partner, we are going to continue to conduct negotiations with the union in private and not engage in a point-counterpoint on the specifics of either side’s proposals or the meeting process. Instead, we will work as hard as possible to reach a fair agreement by March 4. We are fully focused on that goal."

NFL, players' union cancel second day of talks |
Collective bargaining agreement expires March 3



Melissa Jacobs shooting the breeze with New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees - espnW
Melissa Jacobs caught up with Drew Brees this week to discuss his efforts to reduce childhood obesity rates through his leadership of the President's Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

Melissa Jacobs: Tell me about your role as co-chair of the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

Drew Brees: My biggest responsibility is to basically promote and raise awareness as to how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle through exercise and eating well, especially when you look at one of the major issues in the country being childhood obesity. And I feel like many kids don't fully understand the importance of exercise. That doesn't necessarily mean playing sports, although that's a great way to do it. Getting outside and playing 60 minutes a day whether it's hiking, biking, playing tag in the schoolyard with your friends or P.E. class, it's just about being active. We on the council also talk a lot about the food and nutrition that's provided in our kids' cafeterias. What are the healthiest alternatives for kids that allow them to start forming good habits? Building that combination of exercise and good nutrition is a powerful recipe moving forward both physically and mentally.

MJ: How difficult do you think the childhood obesity mission is in this day of a struggling economy? Doesn't fast food become even more attractive for certain families?

DB: Yeah, that's a good point. I think for the most part we live in an era of convenience and we allow our fast-paced lives to control our diet, ability or inability to get out and exercise, and affect our motivation. We need to work extra hard to establish goals that have exercise and cooking healthy meals involved.

MJ: Everyone in the free world knows you are a father. What advice do you give to fellow parents trying to balance a child's nutrition needs with all the peer pressure out there?

DB: Here's the thing: Just about everything is OK in moderation. Is it OK for your child to have a burger and french fries? Yes. Is it OK for them to have candy every now and then? Yes. But they don't need to be drinking four soft drinks a day and they don't need to be eating candy at the end of every meal. Really, it's the sugary stuff more than anything that's easy to sneak into your diet if you're not paying close attention.

MJ: Have you been able to see tangible changes since you started in your role as co-chair?

DB: Oh yes. I get feedback from teachers, principals and certainly coaches talking about what a great program it is. A lot of times parents and teachers can tell kids stuff that doesn't have the same effect as [when it comes from] a role model, someone they look up to. I just think the more those in a position of influence are able to reach out and let the kids know why this is important is crucial. That's the feedback we've gotten from everybody.

MJ: Tell me about the universally praised commercial you shot in 2009 with President Obama for United We Serve. What was that experience like?

DB: It was shot on the White House lawn in the middle of the season. Myself, Troy Polamalu and DeMarcus Ware were all there on a Tuesday, which is technically our off day. So I was watching film on the way up there and back on the plane. But during those couple of hours on the White House lawn, we had a blast with those kids and President Obama. And you know what, he is really a pretty impressive athlete. His hand-eye coordination and the way he was catching the ball, you could tell it was pretty natural for him, and it didn't take long to get the shot that wound up being the commercial. But it was so fun, especially because he's a big Bears fan and we've had some NFC battles with them in recent years, so he was getting after me since we lost all those battles.

MJ: So you'd be comfortable with him in a four wide receiver set?

DB: Oh definitely. No doubt.

MJ: I'd be remiss if I didn't throw in a couple NFL-related questions. The media has consistently labeled you, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as the league's "elite" quarterbacks. Was Aaron Rodgers in that elite club before last Sunday, did he join it Sunday, or is he still somehow waiting in the wings?

DB: (Laughs) He's an elite quarterback. He's proven that when you look at his performance over the last three years and not just this year, although obviously he played with excellence this year and in the playoffs and Super Bowl specifically. I'm happy for Aaron Rodgers. I think he's a great quarterback and also a great guy. You can tell through watching the game the way his teammates feel about him as well.

MJ: And what was your reaction to Sean Payton becoming a Dallas citizen?

DB: It's a non-issue. I think everyone wants to immediately jump to conclusions and all of them are so untrue. The first of which is his family and him are having problems. No, that's not the case at all. The other one is he's taking a job with the Dallas Cowboys. No, not true either. People want to immediately jump to conclusions as to why he's bought a home in Dallas but most players and coaches in the league have a home base, a place where they're either from or where they spent a lot of time before so they have a solid foundation. There's not a guy who's more committed to his team and the city of New Orleans than Sean Payton. I think he's proven that.

MJ: Thanks for the time, Drew. Have a great offseason and congratulations on all your great work with the council.

DB: Thank you so much.