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Fleur-de-Links - February, 12th 2011

Hans was unable to put together today's FDL's so I'm filling in for him. It's been a while since I've done one of these so cut me a little slack if it's just not as good as what you're used to. And make sure you let your regular posters, Dave and Hans, know just how much you appreciate them because these posts don't just write themselves.

Make the jump what little Saints news there was today including a love letter from a Bears fan and Reggie Bush spending some quality time with his dear old mom. My favorite, of course, is the latest installment from Grandmaster Wang. Read at your own risk. 


AdamSchefter Adam Schefter Text from plugged-in NFL person: "This CBA has no chance. The owners don't a deal. Take a break - a month off. You won't miss anything."

Official_Saints New Orleans Saints Congrats to @LanceMoore16 for being inducted into the University of Toledo's Varsity "T" Hall of Fame last night!

wwltvsports WWL-TV Sports Reggie Jones, former #Saints DB and current Redskin, is new to Twitter & looking for help. More than happy 2 oblige. Follow him @RegJones29

wwltvsports WWL-TV Sports Something like that, yes. RT @GoSaintsNation: so the heart & soul of the team is the guy that refuses to re-sign? Comforting

j_bushrod7475 Jermon Bushrod Got a good workout in, had some crawfish, got a massage and just picked up some wings n a N.O daiquiri!! #chillmode

dmpressley DeMario Pressley Hanging in Nola with my boy @RemiAyo

bobbymccray Bobby McCray Just opened a bag of ruffles and I think they forgot the chips...waste of time-SMH!!!

LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Its not my bday peeps. Please read the tweets more closely lol

jgoody76 jonathan goodwin 421 a.m. headed to airport! Ready to get back to nola. These a.m. Flights are for the birds!

cgrant94 charles grant G0D thank u for this day ....

cgrant94 charles grant Just working

RemiAyo Remi Ayodele At the New Orleans international airport.. Longest security Line ever..

BillyMiller83 Billy Miller #Blackhistorymonth we have come a long way even the President of the united States but still can't quite get the Hockey and NASCAR down LOL

GHartley5 Garrett Hartley Went out to Red Jacket Firearms, check out "Sons of Guns" on the Discovery channel. Simply Amazing what they do!

cgrant94 charles grant whats the deal in the atl 2 night i think i might step out somebody help me ..

LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Thanks to everybody who has showed me love. U guys n gals are the best!

dannyclark55 DANNY CLARK Lived in Illinois my entire life and I'm driving through a city called "Hometown, Illinois". They have their Fire Dept 2. #imjustsayin

reggie_bush Reggie Bush Spending some much needed quality time with my mom.

dannyclark55 DANNY CLARK Watching Brandon at AAU basketball practice. I want him to be more aggressive towards the basket.

HeathEvans Heath Evans Quiet day for me on twitter....sorry! Feel like I spent the whole day on the trampoline! #fb

JonVilma51 Jonathan Vilma why do we celebrate valentine's day again?? is it even a Real holiday?? the women are gona be mad at this tweet lol...but i'm just sayin...

dannyclark55 DANNY CLARK My daughters have me playing Kesha

BillyMiller83 Billy Miller Why don't men get gifts on valentines day?    



New Orleans Saints – NFL Mock Draft Round 3A | Gather
The Saints have needs on the defensive side of the ball, and most experts think that the first two rounds of the draft this year will be used

moosedenied " Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad -or- What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Randy Galloway: Jerry Jones should hand over GM role to Sean Payton -- Sun Herald
OK, I get it. We screwed up.



Grand jury to decide whether to charge Saints’ Will Smith | ProFootballTalk

Saints defensive end Will Smith had a disappointing year on and off the field, with the low point his arrest for a domestic battery incident in November.



New Orleans Saints Insider: An Open Letter to Saints Fans | Bleacher Report

This kind of support for an NFL team is something that I haven’t seen in the 20-plus NFL cities that I have visited in my lifetime. The kind of support that the New Orleans Saints fans who live and work in the area give is something that I have never seen.



Toledo HOF welcomes Lance Moore!
FOX Toledo

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Time for a weekend trip into the NFC South mailbag. Daniel in New Orleans asks if teams ever contact players leaving as free agents to say We loved