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CSC Interview: Craig T from Bucs Nation - Part 2

Jon: The Bucs were one of the worst teams against the run, what was the root of this problem?

Craig: Youth, inexperience, and the system they play (to a lesser degree).  This defense really lacks playmakers on the line and in the LB corps.  McCoy and Brian Price might have that potential, but they certainly haven't developed it yet.  DEs generally stunk this year, and it's almost a given Bucs will take a pass-rushing DE in 1st round (barring some crazy circumstances).  MLB Barrett Ruud leads team in tackles, but typically backpedals at the snap given his coverage responsibilities, which puts him in a position to make tackles further downfield.  Bottom line: this team just doesn't have enough ready talent in the front 7 to become as effective against the run as Bucs fans would like.  (On a positive note, the insertion of Sean Jones at SS saw a 180-degree change on long runs allowed from '09, which is not coincidental to Sabby Piscitelli riding the pine).

Jon: What is the biggest position of need for the Bucs this offseason?

Craig: As mentioned above, DEs.  Weak and disappointing pass rush for the year.  That has to get better, especially with games next year against Romo, Manning, Rodgers, Schaub, Brees, Ryan, etc etc etc (UGH!).


Jon: If you could change one thing about the front office/coaching staff, what would it be?

Craig: Not much right now.  Very, very happy with the 2010 draft from Mark Dominik and his scouting staff.  They were also certainly right on in selecting Josh Freeman in 2009.  Raheem did an excellent job motivating players and making stifling defensive adjustments in the 2nd half this year.  OC Greg Olson is a tad bit pass-happy for my taste, but he's certainly been creative in his playcalling and took advantage of his big-armed QB and athletic young receivers quite well this season.  I'm perfectly fine with Raheem keeping his dual responsibilities as head coach/defensive coordinator, as you never know when you can make a bad hire, ala Jim Bates in 2009. 

I would like to thank Craig T for his time. And for all any information you want/need on the Buccaneers, please check out Bucs Nation.