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CSC Interview: James Dator from Cat Scratch Reader - Part Two

Jon: Fill in the blank. If the Panthers had a better ___, the 2010 season would have been better.

James: Offensive coordinator. Former OC Jeff Davidson has no business calling plays for an NFL team. He lacked even the most rudimentary understanding of calling plays that put the Panthers in the best position to win, and clung to a notion that it was all poor execution. Even if this was partly true, he never adjusted to accommodate for the personnel we had.

Jon: Which position is the biggest need for the Panthers this off-season?

James: That's really a question with two answers. From purely a roster standpoint we need defensive tackles. The pool is so shallow at DT that it's our weakest position. However, in terms of what is the biggest need for an upgrade: QB play. Whether that means new QB coach Mike Shula developing Jimmy Clausen, bringing in a veteran, or even drafting someone they must get better play from the QB position.


Jon: Who will the Panthers try to target with the #1 draft pick? Are they willing to trade back? What is your personal preference?

James: It's my belief that the Panthers will hope to trade back. Carolina don't have a 2nd round pick in the draft due to a trade during the 2010 draft to acquire an extra 3rd rounder. I believe Carolina hopes someone will fall in love with Cam Newton, or another player and they can amass more picks, this is my personal preference. I think all the guys at the top of a 2011 draft have some questions and none are a sure thing- so why gamble if you can trade back and get more pieces? If they are unable to trade then I think Auburn DT Nick Fairley will be the pick unless Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert blow the Panthers away at the combine.


I would like to thank James for taking some time to answer these questions. And for more of James or Panther's related news, please check out Cat Scratch Reader.