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The Deuce Stays Loose

Let's take a break from the CBA talks, a topic that has little hope of being resolved any time soon, and check out what one of our all-time favorite Saints is up to these days. The Saints official site posted a story on Deuce McAllister today and how he and his "Catch 22 Foundation" continue to make a positive impact on the Gulf Coast region.

"Our primary focus has always been helping kids anyway we can," said McAllister. "Whether it is a shopping giveaway, Thanksgiving event or football camp – it always centered on youth."

Many of his former teammates, including Lance Moore and others, also volunteer their time to assist Deuce in his foundation's many efforts. In his "Deuce’s Holiday Shopping Adventure," 100 kids receive gift cards and are required to spend 75% on their family members and 25% on themselves in an effort to teach them the importance of giving. Not a bad idea.

What does the future hold for our favorite # 26? He says he hopes to start coaching one day but not in the immediate future. He went on to say this about the Saints' newest RB sensation -- Chris Ivory:

"Ivory is a powerful back but still has surprising speed," said McAllister. "When defenders see him and his size, they don’t think he can move as quick as he does. One thing he has to do now is continue to understand the playbook and keep injuries to a minimum. That will be important to whether he will last in the league."

I hope Ivory has Deuce's number on speed dial. I think we can all mostly agree that if "The Tusk" finds a way to stay healthy, he could be a definite playmaker for us in the future. Whether or not he's as productive as Deuce once was for us remains to be seen. DEEEEEEUUUUUUUCE!