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Fleur-de-Links: February 15, 2011


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Alex James Brown

Reggie Bush
On my way to Yoga class...good morning peeps
Adam Schefter
Ravens placed non-exclusive franchise tag on Haloti Ngata to tune of $12.5 mill. Michael Vick still only one to get exclusive franchise tag.

jonathan goodwin
Just saw a man working out in uggs! I'm so confused.

Heath Evans
Beth is getting ready to dent my wallet! I never should have traveled on Valentines day!

New Orleans Saints
Is that your new ride? RT @ Really????

Lance Moore
Don't feel like doing anything right now, but relaxing. Gonna get my stuff done first.

Heath Evans
Oh how I've missed u!

New Orleans Saints
Deuce McAllister talks about his foundation, covering the SEC, Chris Ivory & Twitter...

Alex James Brown
Just finished a great workout now on to ice this shoulder and then grab something to eat. I want some fish any suggestions? Near Kenner area

Reggie Bush
Quick question for my fellow Los Angeles neighbors. Is it true that they closed the Sand Dooms in Manhattan Beach for working out?

Jeff Duncan
More good news for . RT @: New Orleans #1! America's Biggest Brain Magnets:

Jeff Duncan
T-P is seeking Nola tweeps who've moved to Dallas or Dallas transplants in Nola. Is that u? Not my story but email me: jduncan@timespicayune

Leigh Torrence Jr
Did you guys know that before @ and @ last year the Saints had only ever had 1 safety make the Pro Bowl? Tom Myers in 79'

Peter Griffin
Did any bad guy in Scooby Doo actually commit a crime? I'm pretty sure wearing a silly mask and scaring the sh*t out of ppl isn't illegal.

Peter Griffin
Do you ever get half way through eating a horse and think to yourself, "I’m not as hungry as I thought I was."?

Peter Griffin
What do you call a nun in a wheelchair? Virgin mobile.


McAllister Continues to Make Impact in Gulf Region
"Ivory is a powerful back but still has surprising speed," said McAllister. "When defenders see him and his size, they don’t think he can move as quick as he does. One thing he has to do now is continue to understand the playbook and keep injuries to a minimum. That will be important to whether he will last in the league."

MICKLES: Saints’ 2011 opener, other tidbits | Saints | — Baton Rouge, LA



NFL labor talks all about self interest
First off, ignore both sides when they say they alone have the best interests of the fans and the game in mind. Their only priority is their own self-interest. Perhaps that’s as it should be, but let’s be sure we’re clear about what we’re dealing with here.

NFL's Goodell says labor talks must 'accelerate' | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell indicates the 2011 regular season could be in jeopardy if the league and its players' union don't start "serious negotiations" toward a new labor deal soon. Commissioner Goodell: "We need an agreement both sides can live with" "
Nfllabor's Blog - Blog

Time to bench Richardson from bargaining game - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The hot-headed behavior of the Panthers' owner will further stall this complicated peace process. - National Football League news

As lockout looms, NFL cities should be exploring their legal options | ProFootballTalk
We’re not saying that the league has liability to any of the cities or states in which publicly-funded stadiums were built. But we are saying that the cities or states in which publicly-funded stadiums are situated should ask their lawyers to study the leases and any other documents relating to the construction of the local venue to determine whether a good-faith claim could be made for money damages in the event that the games aren’t played there this year, due to the NFL locking the doors.

Kansas City mayor Funkhouser asks for pledge against lockout | ProFootballTalk
"I have followed with concern the media reports about a looming lock out in the game that I love with all of my heart," Funkhouser writes. "It is clear that the vast popularity and financial success of football means that a lock out cannot be in the interest of anybody involved, particularly the fans, workers or businesses who support the game. I understand the need for both sides to create pressure, but I also know that at times it is important to decrease tenor and tone in order for the right deal to be made in a non-emotional atmosphere.

Drew Brees on Jerry Richardson - NFC South Blog - ESPN

NFL owners to meet March 3

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees discusses CBA negotiations, Coach Sean Payton's move to Dallas |
Drew Brees: "Well, I mean, this is all I can say is, yeah, I was in that meeting and obviously anytime there's negotiations I think there's some back and forth to those. And I wouldn't say that things were disrespectful but what I would say is that there's are a lot of issues to get through and we're obviously not going to agree on everything and so it's a process and there are a lot of things to consider here. So hopefully we can continue to make progress here from now until that March 4th date. I think we're all hopeful that a deal will get done but if it doesn't then we will deal with that."

All's quiet on the New Orleans Saints and NFL front |
Teams won't make free agent moves because of the labor issue



Seatless Super Bowl fans get a third option | ProFootballTalk
Fans will be able to recoup all verified expenses for the game or $5,000, whichever is greater. Hard to argue with that.

Chargers franchise Vincent Jackson | ProFootballTalk
The San Diego Chargers and Vincent Jackson appear to be headed toward another contentious offseason. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that San Diego is placing its franchise tag on wide receiver Vincent Jackson.

Leading Questions: NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The nucleus of the 2009 team that went onto win the Super Bowl remains largely in place, so there’s no reason the Saints shouldn’t at least be in contention for a deep playoff run. They never really suffered the collapse that’s been common for many recent Super Bowl winners as they went 11-5 in 2010. But they weren’t the same dominant and explosive team. Injuries played a role in that and a few holes were exposed.



Debts and unpaid bills haven’t derailed UFL, yet | ProFootballTalk
One silver lining to the possibility of no NFL football in 2011 comes from the presence of UFL football. If the UFL doesn't evaporate like a puddle of gin on hot asphalt.