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Saints Fans Most Hated Player?

Remember when Flipper Anderson of the Los Angeles Rams went off in 1989 for 15 receptions and 336 yards in one game against the Saints? I do. What was particularly awful about that performance was that Willie "Flipper" Anderson would remain in the league for eight years after that game. Every time I heard that guy's name I was of course reminded of that game and my team's pathetic attempt at trying to stop him. Who am I kidding, they made no attempt. I'm pretty sure that record still stands as the most receiving yards in a game in league history.

I'm not going to double check that, though. I refuse to, it's just too painful. I hate that guy for what he did to us. Watching that game was like watching Godzilla run wild in a Smurf's episode, with the Saints' players of course being the Smurfs in this analogy. It got me wondering - who is the modern day Flipper Anderson? Which player do Saints fans hate the most?

Random other old school names that immediately come to mind:

Deion Sanders - He picked off Bobby Hebert more times than I could ever care to remember. He danced on the Fleur de Lis at midfield. He mocked us. He showboated. I think he's got to top my list as the most hated rival NFL player of all time.

Julius Peppers - He always embarrassed any Saint player that tried to block him. It seemed like he had a forced fumble in every game he played against us.

Joey Galloway - First of all, can this guy retire already? Didn't he play in the league again this year? He can't be gone soon enough. I've never seen a guy consistently score 50+ yard touchdowns against the Saints, and amass 150+ yard performances. Ljterally every single time we player that freaking guy. Can't stand him.

Michael Vick - I never thought the dude was that good with the Falcons, but being a cocky $#$% combined with being the QB of the Falcons, combined with his flashy style... and the fact that Aaron Brooks was always on the losing end of his battles with him, yuck. The media salivating party over this guy never helped either.

Jake Delhomme - I'll never forgive him for making us regret his departure like he did. Not that we didn't deserve it.

There's countless others I can list. So who is that guy now? My vote is Roddy White. Not only does the guy score touchdowns seemingly at will every single time he plays us, he's also come out and publicly called our team and our fans out. Add to that the bonus that he plays for the Atlanta Falcons, it seems like a perfect fit.

Is he your guy? Anyone I'm missing? Which NFL player do you dislike the most?