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Who was the Best Saints Backup Quarterback in Team History?

Chase Daniel and Sean Canfield currently sit behind Brees for an opportunity to maybe play someday as the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. Let's be realistic: barring injury, that's never going to happen.

It's not all bad, though. You get to collect a check, you don't have to actually deal with the pressure and hits, and you get a front row seat to work with and watch one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I can think of worse jobs.

The jury is still out on Daniel. None of us really know how good the guy can be. It did get me thinking, though, who is the best backup the Saints have ever had?

Below are the players that have been No. 2 on the depth chart in the team's history:

2010: Chase Daniel

2008-2009: Mark Brunell

2006-2007: Jamie Martin

2003-2005: Todd Bouman

2002: Jake Delhome

2001: Jeff Blake

2000: Aaron Brooks

1998-1999: Billy Joe Tolliver

1997: Billy Joe Hobert

1995-1996: Tommy Hodson

1993-1994: Wade Wilson

1991-1992: Steve Walsh

1989-1990: John Fourcade

1988: Dave Wilson

1987: John Fourcade

1985-1986: Bobby Hebert

1983-1984: Dave Wilson

1982: Guido Merkins

1981: Dave Wilson

1977-1980: Bobby Scott

1976: Bobby Douglass

1975: Larry Cipa

1972-1974: Bobby Scott

1969-1971: Ed Hargett

1968: Karl Sweetan

1967: Gary Cuozzo

A lot of really, really bad names on there; and a few good ones. Based on tenure, Bobby Scott (7 years), Dave Wilson (4 years), John Fourcade and Todd Bouman (3 years each) had the longest stretch as the primary backup. In terms of backups who eventually became starters for the Saints, those would be Dave Wilson, Bobby Hebert, Steve Walsh, Billie Joe Hobert and Aaron Brooks. Jake Delhomme also became a starter, but that was for the Panthers and Browns. Of this list, he had by far the most success with another team.

So my question is, who was the best Saints' backup of all time? I'm removing Hebert, Walsh and Brooks from eligibility because they spent more time as starters than backups. That leaves the following as possible picks: Brunell, Delhomme, Wilson, Fourcade, Scott...let's face it, the rest were garbage.

Who's your pick?