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Brees Disputes Accuracy of Reports of Richardson's Comments

Slow Saturday is here.  But I'm bringing you whatever I was able to find, turning over a few rocks to find some news. 

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Mike Florio of published a piece today that analyzes the conflicting accounts of Panters owner Jerry Richardson's 'condescending' comments in the negotiations last week that stirred up a bit of a kerfluffle.  No conclusions, no definitive answers, but some tasty speculation, at least. Yum!

Along the lines of Jon and Kevin's dramatic representations of Saints team meetings behind the black and gold blinds at David Drive, DJ Gallo of's Page 2 imagines what might really be happening behind the scenes at the labor negotiations.

Coming back for the Fleur-de-Links will also give you the chance to read: Gregg Easterbrook's annual NFL predictions review,'s report on Thursday's CBA mediation session, and Grandmaster Wang's rationale for signing Shaun Rogers.

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