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Fleur-de-Links: Sunday February 20, 2011

Here you go.  Jump right in!



Saints Sideline

Hitting the NFC South hot spots - NFC South Blog |
Let's reach into the NFC South mailbag and see what's on your minds. I picked one question per team.

2011 NFL Draft: Can Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints Avoid "Worst Draft Ever" | Bleacher Report
T. Sharkey - (HansDat note - this piece on the 1979 draft makes a decent companion piece to the Who Dat History story posted yesterday.) Also, the author's name makes me think of the fantastic Burt Reynolds (he directed AND starred in the film) cinematic gem - Sharky's Machine.


Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

Sean Payton family's new Dallas spread considered to be in idyllic place |
Bob Warren - Vaquero creme de la creme of luxury.

Local reaction to move by Saints Coach Sean Payton to Texas shows once again that New Orleans feels it's special |
Cindy Chang - Residents' inferiority and superiority complexes collide. (Warning - the formatting of this article is a bit screwed up on Just keep following it down the left hand column past the missing photo gallery.)


Labor Pains

League, union meet in D.C. for second day of labor talks |
Albert Breer - The NFL and its players' union are meeting for a second straight day with a mediator in Washington, D.C., hoping to close a sizable gap in their stances on negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement.

NFL, union mum after second day of mediation |
Associated Press - The NFL and its players' union have finished meeting after spending about six hours at the office of a federal mediator for the second day in a row.

Need for mediator reveals how far NFL, players have to go for new collective bargaining agreement |
James Varney - Louisiana politicians watching from sidelines.

It's Time to Include Fans in NFL Labor Talks |
Brian Frederick (Executive Director, Sports Fans Coalition) - Why should the NFL-NFLPA negotiations be behind closed doors if fans have such a massive stake in the future of the NFL as well?

Lockout a Bad Idea for the NFL |
Tony Richardson (Fullback, NY Jets)

NFL Labor Pains: An Issue of Trust |
Andrew Brandt (President, National Football Post) - Both sides in the NFL labor dispute are fighting for the hearts and minds of fans, but fans are starting to clamor for more conversation and less positioning and lawyering.