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Saints Release Jeremy Shockey

Not to toot my horn or anything, but I said on January 12th: "I'm calling it now, Shockey will not be a Saint next year."

Ok fine, I am tooting my horn a little bit.

So Jeremy Shockey is now gone and Jimmy Graham can officially start his campaign as the phenom tight end of the future. Jay Glazer broke the news first, and the Saints' official twitter page confirmed it shortly thereafter. Now it's on their official website.

He was set to make $4.2 this year, but he's now free to sign with any team he likes. There's still a chance the Saints could try to bring him back at a cheaper price, but based on Sean Payton's quote that he thanks Shockey for his contributions, my guess is there's little chance he'll return in a Saints uniform.

Rachel Nichols from ESPN tweeted a comment from Shockey regarding his release:

"It's a business, I understand," Shockey said. "I'll just go play hard for someone else. Whoever gets me it's going to be a steal."

Happy trails #88 and thanks for helping to bring us a Super Bowl! How do you guys feel about this news? Was the writing on the wall or did this catch you totally off guard?

**Kudos to Grumps for posting this FanShot first**