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Jeff Duncan Calls Out The Real JShock

Not long after learning about the release of Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey, Jeff Duncan let the world know his - and apparently many others - true feelings via his Twitter account...

Folks least upset about the Shockey release: The Nola media. Can't think of a player more universally reviled by local reporters. Shockey was so difficult to deal with, most reporters just avoided him altogether. Even Saints staffers hated having to deal with him.

Reviled? Those are some harsh words, particularly for a reporter who chooses each one ever so carefully.

Can't say I'm surprised though, given Duncan was the one who ran with this article last off-season, exposing Shockey and calling him a distraction. I can just see him sitting before a glowing computer screen in a dark room, rolling his hands together and cackling menacingly as he types each word.

Of course Jeff made sure there was little to no chance the Saints would re-sign Shockey - as they did with Bobby McCray last season - before his airing of grievances...

Loomis & Payton's comments on Shockey have a hint of finality. In other words, they don't indicate the team is interested in re-signing him.

The truth is that Duncan is probably right. I'm sure Shockey was a pain in the ass to deal with as a reporter. NY Giants beat writer Ralph Vacchiano has apparently got his own war stories...

@jeffduncantp And to think, we softened him up for you.

Even in my own personal limited experience - and by limited I mean that one time - I think I've seen what these guys are talking about.

The problem is that Jeff thinks we give a crap whether Shockey made his job more difficult. Hell, I think that makes me like the Shockmeister even more. Fortunately, he came to New Orleans to play football and win a championship, not cater to the local media. I admit it might be selfish of me but, I care much more about what Shockey does on the field than whether or not he's personable or likable. Does it help? Absolutely. Is it necessary? Not for me. Obviously Jeff isn't going to share my fan-centric point of view.

Duncan's comments probably would have been more appropriate in private over a $12 cocktail at Cure with fellow sports writing cronies Allee-Walsh, Triplett, Holder et al. I would have assumed calling out a player like that to be a journalism no-no. And doing it right after said player is released and never during their tenure doesn't look cool. Even if they are accurate, I'm not sure what purpose they were meant to serve. I think Dr. Melfi would agree there are some deeper issues there.