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Fleur-de-Links: February 23, 2011


Video of @ leading a fitness activity at Eastside Elementary

Jeff Duncan
Return to N.O. seems remote RT @ Shockey said he'll have a bitter taste in his mouth & prove he's more than Saints valued him

Jeff Duncan
RT @: Ex-Saint Jeremy Shockey said on ESPN's NFL Live he is taking a physical 2mrow for a team, though he declined to specify.
Alex James Brown
Watching this show "lobster wars" and wondering why its so hard to get a pod full of lobster?

Lance Moore
Had a great time today with the kids. Now if my flight from atlanta back home to columbus would be on time it would ...

Lance Moore
RT @: @ hey! Its my 2 boys (7th n 5th) birthdays this week can they S.O. from u...PLEASE? :)< happy bday fellas!

New Orleans Saints
Props to @ who spent this afternoon at Eastside Elementary in Clinton, MS to talk to kids about staying healthy & led exercises!

New Orleans Saints
Saints News: Saints will not rule out possibly bringing Shockey back (The National Football Post) -

Peter Griffin
Three things that would make any joke funnier: Sarcasm, profanity, and Peter Griffin.

Lance Moore
"@: I had a chance to meet @ on today.. Bro I thank you for being so down to earth... it was Real and it showed!!"

Heath Evans
"@: @ thank God!" That's the truth! All we need is more judges to start passing down this type of punishment!

Heath Evans
fantastic sentence handed down in CA: Ex-CA mental hospital director gets 248 yrs for molesting adopted son "

New Orleans Saints
Saints News: Shockey’s Out. Who’s Next? -

Jeff Duncan
Heading to Indy for the Combine tomorrow. @ & will be all over it, as always. Let us know what you want to know.

Heath Evans
I've had tons of questions about Shockey's release from the Saints: I hate the business part of the NFL/we lost a great man/friend/teammate!

New Orleans Saints
Saints News: Can New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham Adequately Replace Jeremy Shockey? (Associated Content) -

New Orleans Saints
VIDEO OF THE DAY: Maybe the Saints play of the year, @' Thanksgiving save

Drew Brees
So I am really getting into stand up paddle boarding and paddle surfing. Anybody ever tried it? Great workout. Water is cold though

Adam Schefter
For first time, NFL has called a special meeting Thursday in Indianapolis for all NFL GMs and debrief them on uncertainties ahead.

Peter Griffin
Who came up with hugs? The very first hug must have really been creepy. "What are you doing? Why are you holding me?" "Just trust me."


Could Reggie Bush be next for Saints? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
With the New Orleans Saints’ release of Jeremy Shockey on Tuesday, there comes an obvious question. Who’s next?

Updated Saints Roster - Feb. 22

Volatile Shockey era ends mostly as failure in New Orleans
The Jeremy Shockey trade would turn out to be one of the worst of the Sean Payton era. The Saints surrendered 2nd and 5th round picks for a player who could never stay healthy and was a shell of what he was as a Pro Bowl-calibur performer with the New York Giants.

Jeremy Shockey slideshow: New Orleans Saints released tight end Tuesday |
Photos from his three years with the team

Jeremy Shockey to New Orleans Saints fans: 'We had a great run' |
TE says 'you all welcomed me like one of your own'

New Orleans Saints react to Jeremy Shockey's release |
His former teammates weigh in

New Orleans Saints reader comment: Jeremy Shockey's spirit, excitement will be missed |
Highlighting comments from our readers

Jeremy Shockey's greatest hits: Go-ahead touchdown in Super Bowl XLIV |
Payton said defenses will often try to disguise what they're doing at the line of scrimmage -- "they'll sugar it sometimes, " as he put it. But he said the Colts weren't able to disguise their alignments because the Saints' tempo from play to play was so quick.

Jeremy Shockey's release from the New Orleans Saints says much about Jimmy Graham |
The Saints still believe Shockey can play a role for them and have not closed the door on a possible return should he fail to land a job elsewhere.

Jeremy Shockey's release by New Orleans Saints comes as no surprise |
"Always will remember my time in New Orleans," he posted. "What a city, you all welcomed me like one of your own, and we had a great run. Onto the next chapter, the Deep Unknown."




More franchise tags on the way? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
New Orleans guard Carl Nicks looks like a candidate for the tag. He’s developed into one of the league’s best guards. But, depending on how things shake out, the franchise tag might be unnecessary for Nicks. Depending on the structure of a labor deal, Nicks could end up being classified as a restricted free agent.

Rita Benson LeBlanc Supports "Lemonade Day"

New Orleans Saints surprise fans with 'random acts of kindness' |
Saints players Jon Stinchcomb, Jonathan Goodwin, Alex Brown, Thomas Morstead and Tyler Lorenzen and former Saint Michael Lewis handed out gifts at several area stores



Clearing the air on the mediated labor talks | ProFootballTalk
We’ve also surmised that the mere fact talks have lasted for six days means that progress is being made. If progress isn’t being made, it means that a cornucopia of big-name management reps, union officials, and players have been wasting their time perpetrating a public ruse.

NFL says Thursday meeting isn’t "special" | ProFootballTalk
NFL spokesman Greg Aiello cautions into reading too much into the news that head coaches and general managers were summoned to a late afternoon Thursday meeting at the NFL Scouting Combine.



Noel Devine hones skills for NFL, helps others with game of life |
"They say this is where the magic happens at," Devine said of Rousse's Kenner training facility. "Duke and I had already built a relationship through Deion (Sanders) when I was going into my 11th grade of high school, so I already knew what Duke was capable of doing. And I figured he could get it out of me best."