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Saints and Sinners Offseason Edition Week 3: ...And Don't Call Me Shirley!

Dad: Hey, son. Did you hear the Saints terminated their contract with Jeremy Shockey?
Me: What's that?
Dad: It's a legal document binding two parties to an agreement, but that's not important now...


Ain't that just the way the world works? I come in here last week with a perfectly good reference to Back to the Future not realizing that this week the Saints would go out and release Jeremy Shockey. Yeah, he wears number 88. As in "When this baby hits 88 miles per hour..." Shocking! (See what I did there?) Whatever, I'm over it. Well, I'm over the used up reference, but I don't know if I'm quite over the parting of ways between the organization and Jeremy Shockey. I mean, I worry, though mostly about what's going to happen when all the (beloved) redneck Saints fans realize they can't wear their Shockey jerseys anymore (e-mails can be addressed to Dave Cariello), but here's hoping we get past that. It's time to pick up the white courtesy phone and delve into another Saints and Sinners! No, the white phone.


Note: The way this works is sort of a "Who's hot, who's not" list as it relates to (primarily) the Saints, (secondly) the League®, and (lastly) the world outside. Participation is ESSENTIAL here, so feel free to add your own Saints and Sinners in the comments section below!


Your Saints for this week (who aren't scared to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for forty-eight minutes):

  • Jeremy Shockey: Of course this is the obvious choice, but I haven't the slightest problem with that. Though often injured, and in a statistical decline, Shockey was certainly one of the emotional leaders of the Saints offense. Shockey has always spoken very highly of his time in New Orleans and the city in general. He played in his first Super Bowl in black and gold, and that's always how I'll think of him: a Saint.
  • Prospective Rookies: Finally something we can sink our football starved teeth into (weird image?)! Isn't it great that actual football-type activities will start back up this week? I think so too, but let's not forget to face the fact that we're still a ways off from any actual games being played. We've got a long off-season ahead of us still, but this will surely help ease the pain.
  • Roman Harper and Darren Sharper (and possibly others I haven't read about): I like to give credit where credit is due, and this is definitely one of those cases. In a story posted today on the official Saints website we learned that Rome-e-Rome and the Sharper Image were spotted out in the New Orleans community revealing the finishing touches on homes they helped to rebuild along with help from various non-profit groups. We love our Saints here, though that hasn't been hard to do with the sustained efforts they make to give back to the community. Thanks guys. You make us proud.

And now of course, this week's Sinners (Who have gotta get out of here!)

  • The Month of February: Is anyone else as sick of February as I am? Aside from not having any Saints football (this year), it's cold. It's rainy. It's dark. I am ready for this month to be over. If February were anthropomorphized into a football player, it would be J@$0n D@v1d. To all those that have birthdays or anniversaries in February, shame on you.
  • Tooters of their own Horns: Namely I'm referring here to Jeff Duncan of the Times Pick-a-yoon for this tweet. Yes, Jeff, congrats. You did your job, you know, that thing you get paid to do. And you say you were able to predict the non return of an aging, overly-priced, oft injured player? Woah! Don't get too crazy here. Anything else obvious you care to predict? What do you think the chances are that the tide will come in tomorrow?

So who are your Saints and Sinners for this week? Speakers of Jive are welcome to comment. We have a translator!